Thursday 1 December 2011

Lovely Holidays Ideas - n.2

I decided to write quick little posts about the Holidays. They are mostly for me because I still have "new mom memory problems" and it is driving me crazy. So no personal picture, no blah blah blah, just an idea (in words or in images) !

Idea n.2 : A small tree in a basket with simple ornaments...stylish and much easier to bring in and out of our home than our usual 6' - 7' tree! (Beautiful images from

* * * * *

hoola tallulah: That's the plan! You could always start that after kids are used to many (many many many) gifts but the transition might be a bit complicated (especially the first year, well, I think).

sandra: Oh, thank you so so so much. Sometimes I ask myself why I blog (no real answer yet) but, you know, getting wonderful comments like yours makes me want to write even more :)

lina: Lina, no surprise here, you are the best :)

taryn: Here, we use Christmas stocking to "spoil" kids...and adults. Yes, I still have a stocking (and I love it). As you said, I can't control other people but I can control what I do (and Dan). Better than nothing!

janet: This book is totally my baby-kid-life bible! So happy that you also enjoy it. You are so right, parenting can be intense. Also no TV here but there are some exceptions nothing is perfect).

bess callard: Good idea! We do a lot of handmade stuff in my family so it will be pretty easy to include it as one of the 4 gifts or in the Christmas stockings.

one claire day: Oh, you know me and my obsession for simplicity ;) xox

bec hem: Dan and I decided to do the 4 gifts idea between us (between Dan and I but with a budget limit). In the future (when Alice will be excited about getting presents..obviously she is too young now), it will be fun to each have our 4 gifts under the tree. I like that :)

Rebecca: Thank you for your comment. What you wrote is super interesting and it totally makes sense. I almost completed week 2 with Brian (my second reward : Dan will have the battery in my watch changed...easy, inexpensive but it will make me very happy).

anneemall: While at school, I took a few "world religions" (some fucked up religions were also was interesting but very bizarre) class and it was super cool. General culture is so important.


Vanessa said...

This might be a good idea for us. The tree we regularly decorate would not stand a chance against my little crawler/grabber/teether of a baby.

Daniela said...

That's what I'm going for this year! Our first Christmas tree EVER!!! (Since Jonas and I met). It will be exiting. We are never in Bergen for the Holidays, so, this is the first time as well. I will post pictures :D
Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Oh, and that 4 gift idea for the whole family sounds so cool!! I posted something on that as well, but only thinking about the little one. I so want to do it with Jonas too!!!!

Lina said...

Love this! We have so much Christmassy clutter, I love the idea of less decorating this year.