Friday 13 January 2012

I'm a complete moron!

First of all, wow, I would love to thank you all for your amazing advice regarding my makeup resolution (I will answer all your comments in my next post to avoid a super long text). I didn't realized how tricky yet fascinating makeup can be.

For example, many of you suggested that I get mineral powder foundation instead of the liquid one that I purchased. Since I didn't use it and I still had the bill, I headed to the drugstore for a quick exchange.

This is when things got a bit ridiculous!

As soon as I got to the store, I headed to the cosmetic counter to talk to the sale person. She didn't look like a floozy. However, she had on her skin a sample of each foundation available in the store that made her face about a 1/4 an inch thicker! "F**k", I said to myself "How can she help me achieved a natural look?" In French, there is an expression that goes a bit like cobblers wear the most uncomfortable shoes (cordonnier mal chaussé). It is when someone doesn't apply their skills to their life. Maybe it was her case?

An hour later I got home feeling like a complete moron. The sale person was not the most sympathetic person but she took the time to answer most of my a patronizing way but still. After 30 minutes, she looked a bit annoyed so I picked her foundation of choice and a brush. She scanned the items, look at me with her everything but flawless skin and said: "80$". "F**K", I said to myself "Why didn't I asked for the price first?"

Instead of telling her that I changed my mind because this doesn't fit my new frugal lifestyle, I gave her my debit card and even before my transaction was accepted, I knew that I was going to return those products another day...a day when the foundation addicted sale person won't work!

Frugal housewife conclusion
Choosing the right makeup is much more serious than I anticipated...especially when you have sensitive skin (rosacea). I think that in my case (a makeup novice that needs a bit more support than your average woman), it would be wise to visit a more appropriate store and get advice from a more experienced person. I don't want to get an 80$ bill for foundation (plus accessory) but I think that with my skin condition, it is good to invest in good quality product that I will enjoy and more importantly use.

To be continued...

note: beautiful cosmetic bag from Gim Carry


Unknown said...

Sounds like a good plan to go to a makeup only shop or maybe a salon that also does makeup. I too have been suckered into something I didn't want (hello Mary Kay 'free' makeover) I haven't had the guts to do what you are doing so I just buy my stuff drug store style but I think it is smarter your way. I don't think I am getting very good products for the money. I did watch some videos by Lisa Eldridge, one of your commenters suggested and really like some of the products she used. I cant wait to see what you find out! Maybe it will give me the guts to talk to a real person too!

taryn said...

Haha, I feel for you! I am so useless in the makeup department. Sometimes I decide I want to start wearing it, so I just run into the store, make it look like I know what I want and then quickly buy it before the sales girls have time to "help" me. Hence the drawer full of makeup I never use. Whoops.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

Anne said...

Maybe go to a pharmacy? After reading your previous post, I researched, then went and bought this the green version for my red nose and... I don't have a red nose anymore! I should have bought this years ago. I also got the matching hydrating cream ( which is appropriate for rosacea.
Anyway, huge thanks to you, you helped curing my red nose!!!

Rebecca said...

yep, we've all been there! i'm a bit of a novice too, but i have a friend who always looks fabulous - maybe i need to get her to give me a tutorial (without a selling pitch!)

Denise said...

i highly recommend bare minerals make up. i love that it's mineral powder and not a heavy clunky foundation that you cake on. here in the states they sell bare minerals at sephora or ulta - not sure if you have those in canada! good luck!

alyson said...

I use Zuzu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation, you can find it at Whole Foods or online. it's so light and fresh yet it totally evens out skintone and blemishes keeping you feeling like you have no makeup on. {and this is coming from a girl who wears powder and mascara only!}

Gimbo said...

Without wanting to sound like an advert for the company, I can second the thumbs up for La Roche Posay cosmetics for problem skin. I've used their products to camouflage a scar, and it worked really well. It's not all that cheap though. If your rosacea really bothers you it might be worth it.

I hope you find something that works for you (kudos to taking the stuff back, by the way, I was talked into buying some hideous and expensive blusher a few years ago - it's still in my make up box!)