Tuesday 5 June 2012

I forgot to show you...

...Alice's first abstract painting that she made for Dan's birthday back in April!

A mom from our little Hot Mama Club posted on our Facebook page (yes, we have a Facebook page...with 44 members!) an awesome link to create an easy abstract painting with your baby. Most importantly, it is 100% mess free because all the artistic magic happens in a plastic bag.

To give Alice's painting a more professional look (ah ah ah), I used a cheap canvas from the dollar store instead of a regular piece of paper. To complete the look, I got a simple black frame (also from the dollar store) and voilà!!!

Dan was pretty impressed :)


Jennifer said...

Oh man I love this! I tried doing the mess free painting with Gaius and he just looked at me like i was an idiot and ignored me and the art supplies all together.

Anonymous said...

What kind of paint did you use?
This looks great.

Sandra said...

This looks really cool! I'm totally going to do that with Finn and my Daycare girls

kimu said...


A book if you're looking for lots of great art ideas for littles: First Art for Toddlers and Twos by MaryAnn Kohl. I'm a crafty sort, but wasn't sure how to get my son involved at first. The book gave me some great starter ideas to build on.

gillian said...

Ooh! This is fantastic!
What a great Father's Day gift idea!

May said...

Beautiful. Wish I had thought of the canvas idea. Looks great--and Father's Day approaches!

PJ said...

I love this idea!