Monday 18 June 2012

Living in a tree house

As much as I love the great outdoors, I must admit that I'm not at all into camping. What can I say, I enjoy peeing in a real toilet, cooking on an electric stove, sleeping on a comfortable flat surface and washing myself with warm water in an actual bathroom.

This is why we went glamping (glamorous + camping).

Located only 90 minutes from Montreal, we discovered a perfect weekend getaway that fulfills my need to find myself in nature without the organization associated with traveling with a young toddler.

Kabania, a small eco-resort (c'mon, the cabins are equipped with solar panels), gives you the opportunity to live in cozy tree houses on pilotis (like the one we rented) or in more minimalist shelters 5 meters in the air.

We had such a lovely time! We were lucky to visit Kabania during a warm and sunny weekend. We went for walks, played in the river, relaxed in the numerous hammocks, took the board games out while Alice was taking her naps, read books, cooked our meals in a spacious kitchen, went to bed early and woke up late (fresh air worked its magic on Alice).

As you entered the tastefully decorated common room, you can read on the wall: "Why limit yourself to five stars when you can enjoy millions of them?

They are damn right!

note: To avoid a super long post I will answer your comments next time.



Di said...

It looks like a fabulous place to spend some time. I can see why you enjoyed it so! I would love to visit and swing in a hammock.....

alyson said...

looks so fun!! {I giggled when I saw your shoe picture. we have the SAME shoes! Dad - Birks, Mom - Toms, Baby - Saltwaters!}

Clair said...

Your blog is SO lovely. It just oozes coziness. I can't wait to explore the rest.

Looks like glamping was wonderful!!

Unknown said...

what a great little place!! :)