Thursday 16 August 2012

Clean "paint"


Alice loves her huge chalk board in our living room but I must admit that it can create a lot of dust...dust that I don't particularly enjoy when I just washed the floor. So for the short amount of time that our home can generally stay clean (bah, 1-2 days maximum) I found a great alternative: water painting...on the chalk board!

What you need:
a "dirty" chalk board
a container with a bit of water
a paintbrush (a pottery multi-steam brush would be awesome)
a baby

 * * * * *

If you are also addicted to Mo Willem's pigeon books: How to Draw the Pigeon.  
* * * * *

Oh, a few people asked me if Alice tries to eat the beans from the scooping and pouring activity. The answer is yes but only after 10 minutes...not that bad but it needs constant supervision! 

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