Tuesday 30 October 2012


Dear Alice,

Yesterday afternoon, with your daycare, we all (including my own mom) went to the Montreal Botanical Garden to celebrate Halloween.

It was a great reminder that Halloween can be a lot more than just an avalanche of bad quality (yet yummy) candy and "sexy" store bought costumes (ex: sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy zombie...you get the concept)!

Of course, Rockets Candies are a great treat at the end of the evening but I think that the preparations surrounding October 31st are generally way more meaningful and fun than the actual trick-or-treaing.

What can I say...I'm "spooky" just like that!

Happy Halloween :)


Johanna said...

Hello! Just thought I'd say hellow. I've been a follower for a few months and love your blog (and little bits of MTL- I used to go to Concordia for Fine Art- lived there for 2 years).
I now live in Whitehorse, Yukon....
I blog over at
au revoir!

peanut said...

Mmmmmm ... Rockets :)

I was impressed with all the "thank-you"s I got while passing out candy last night - we had some very polite trick-or-treaters. I always love the preparations for any holiday or event. I thought it was really sad this year when I learned three of our elementary schools no longer let kids dress up for Hallowe'en (they have Orange and Black Big Buddy Day instead - somehow it just doesn't sound as fun). There really isn't anywhere but school for most kids to wear their costumes; it must be disappointing to both kids and the parents who enjoy all the getting ready.