Sunday 23 December 2012

simple (and toddler friendly) Christmas

Christmas with a toddler is a challenge!

For safety reasons, and because I don't want to say "no Alice" every 5 minutes, we made a few adjustments (ex: my DIY nativity scene, with its "you will choke on little Jesus" pieces, is on a shelf). 

We made heart shaped ornaments with clay (pretty resistant actually), pinecones dipped in white paint and purchased a bunch of "classic style" red plastic ornaments. 

And because Christmas stockings can end up being very expensive to fill, I stitched smaller versions (the one with lace is for me, the red one is for Dan and the one with a vintage ribbon is for Alice) with a new rule of 5 surprises in each...but it has to be nice stuff.

We learned our lesson from last year so we are going to take it very easy...especially since Alice has a stupid cold (you got to love daycare for that, dah!).

Have a merry Christmas, a lovely time with your family and no snotty kisses from your kiddos.



Ali said...

Merry Christmas Claudia!

Inês said...

Merry Christmas for you and your family!