Wednesday 21 November 2007

Because squirrels are cool

I have been living in Montreal for almost 7 years. For the first part of my life, I was a resident of a little village of less than 500 inhabitants where deers, raccoons, foxes, groundhogs, and sometimes mooses were visiting our property. I left those country critters for pigeons, seagulls and…squirrels. I like squirrels. I don’t think that they are rats with fuzzy tails and that their only purpuse is to rip open garbage bags (even though I occasionnaly see an evil looking one working his way into a big bag full of stuff you don’t want to see on the sidewalk)! Squirrels amuse me. Especially at this time of year when they are fat...ready for winter. Those city critters are a little reminder that nature is everywhere. Even on a busy street, between a tiny patch of grass and a beatup tree.

Pretty squirrelly items from Etsy:

Squirrel Tea by groundwork
Print of an original painting (colored pencil and watercolor)

Squirrel in Tree/Tree in Squirrel Scarf by caitiesellers
Double weave scarf made out of super-fine, super soft alpaca

Squirrel pull toy by matsutake
Made out of a very fine grade papier mache

Grey Squirrel Tags by dappledesign
Part of a set of a dozen metal rimmed hang tags

Small vintage fabric bag by littleblackrabbit
Bag is made from fabric dated 1974 called "Pooks Hill"

Squirrel necklace by imogeneANDannie
Hand pierced from an etched sterling silver oval


kelly said...

I cant believe i just came across ure blog and your post was about squirrels...i absolutely agree! i love them! thanks for posting the etsy items!

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are awesome! Well, except for the evil, red-eyed one that tears up garbage bags on our street... He's just vicious!

Funky Finds said...

i love squirrels, too. i want all the items you posted!!!

dnamtl said...

I never used to love squirrels, but I am suddenly swooning over them.

Sarah said...

I also love squirrels. I saw my cat looking out the window at one today that was half his size--and I have quite a large cat!!! I used to put peanut butter on pinecones and leave them in a hollowed tree trunk in my front yard for the squirrels to eat when I was a little girl.