Friday 7 December 2007

Baby it's cold outside

Having a dog is wonderful! I just love it when I see his overwealmed little face, craving for attention, when I come back from work. It's like if his saying: “What a surprise…you are back…I missed you so much”! The cat is also there to greet me but he would mostly say something like: “Good evening…I hope that you had a pleasant day…I would now enjoy some fresh water”! However, having great pets comes with great responsabilities! As a new dog owner, I recently discovered the joy of walking a puppy during the “oh so pretty” but “oh so dreadful” Canadian winter. When the puppy has to go, we have to go. Who cares about 2 ft of snow that seems to come from every directions, slippery sidewalks and temperature that makes your face numb! Thankfully, I just finished knitting my first pair of legwarmers. They are the easiest thing to make. Even though I wear them under my pants, they will look very nice with a jean skirt as soon as the weather permits it…maybe in March if I’m lucky!


Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia, a fellow Canadian. I am from Markham, Ontario and I just discovered your blog. I love your leg warmers, very cute!!

Anonymous said...

wowie - I think they would look great over skinny jeans too