Monday 10 December 2007

Mindless creativity

I don’t know why I bought it, I don’t know why I made it but I do know that I enjoyed it! Some people might say that this circa 1950 hobby is nothing else than a violation of art, an attack on personal expression, etc. And I would have to…agree! There is nothing artistic or creative about (say it…don’t be ashamed) painting by numbers but there is certainly a feeling of gratification about making colors appear on a canvas, feeling the paint brush in your hand, mixing colors (yes, you have to mix colors!). I really envy painters who use their heart and soul to create beautiful works of art. Sadly, this talent was not given to me and that’s fine! So far, I have happily completed two projetcs that I proudly expose on the walls of my walk-in closet and I even plan on buying a few more kits. Honestly, just between you and me, we all have our little “painting by numbers”…something that is not trendy, that you don’t absolutely want to tell your friends about but that brings you, on a personal level, a real sense of satisfaction!

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futuregirl said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE paint-by-numbers. The last set I did was kittens with butterflies. So much fun. :)