Wednesday 12 December 2007

Let them eat cake

We all love a good meal. However not everybody have shivers of complete joy when looking at a piece of ginger, an eggplant or a papaya! I realized lately that cooking show hosts are getting way more emotional about making recipes than they used to! I’m sorry but a steak is a steak…no matter how blissful you are while cooking it! Ok, I could slightly be jealous of their ability to be happy about cooking! For me, it is more a necessity than a hobby. However, the only thing that I really enjoy doing in the kitchen is baking: cakes, brownies, muffins…you name it!

To my great relief, I have been designated the person in charge of the dessert at our Christmas pot-luck lunch party next week. I decided to go for a really simple, yet festive, upside-down cranberry cake from the Martha Stewart book, Everyday food: Great food fast. I tested it last night and we gave it a 9/10. It is fast, not too sweet and really pretty on a Christmas table! I did not cry of happiness when I made it but I can’t wait to show it off to my coworkers on Monday!!!

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Anonymous said...

9.5!! So good!!