Sunday 16 December 2007

How to ease your mind

After my “Grinch” episode of yesterday I decided that I would try to get a positive attitude and “welcome” the spirit of the holidays within me! A craft would be my therapy! Inspired by Tamar's Lovely Cotton Fabric Wreath, I went into my fabric stash and created a mix that could be used all year long. The color scheme: white, navy and a touch of red. The patterns: polka dots, gingham and flowers. I'm really a country girl in the city! The wreath was really fun and easy to make. What better way to get rid of tension than ripping apart fabrics (to give it an edgy look...obviously!) and to strongly tie the pieces to a metal loop! I'm very happy with my wreath. It gives a little festive look to my front door. Concerning the spirit of the holidays, well, I realized that I should embrace the traditions that I cherish such as being with my family and focus less on the negative aspects that come with Christmas (oh no...more trips to the shopping center!).

P.S. My cat won a Flickr contest: the fluffiest cat belly (Cat belly lovers group)!


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing idea!!

Bridget said...

1) Crafts are delightfully soothing. Doing something with my hands, making something pretty, invariably makes me feel better . . .

2) as does surfing blogs and looking at fluffy kitty tummies!! Eeek! So cute! too too bad I am allergic, as I just want to pet them all . . . and a big Congratulations to Mr. Poon!