Wednesday 19 December 2007

Let it snow….no, please, it has to stop!

For many people, canadian winters rhyme with loads of snow, cold weather, slippery ice and polar bears. For me, everyting is accurate except for the last part...sorry no polar bears in Montreal or, as a matter of fact, in most regions of Canada. Over the past two weeks, 100 centimeters of beautiful white snow has fallen on Montreal. I have been dreaming of a real white Christmas for many years but I think that I got more than what I asked for. Who knows, maybe a confused polar bear will find his way to my neighbourhood and stop by for a hot cholocate!

Beautiful prints inspired by the arctic world from Etsy:

be creative everyday....especially Thursdays!

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Anonymous said...


These prints are adorable, I just love them. We have had lots of snow in Markham too, and it is so pretty. We are supposed to get rain for the next three days, so I don't know if we will still have our white Christmas, bummer!!
Have a wonderful Christmas,