Tuesday 15 January 2008

You don’t even know her

There is one thing that I find very unusual about the craft blogging community: the popularity of swapping or sending parcels to complete strangers that you only know by their Flickr name! When you think about it, why on earth would I send something to a blogger across the world? Why would I prepare a lovely package with as much care and interest as if it was meant to be for my best friend? The answer: I don’t know but I love it! I just sent a nice (in my opinion) little birthday parcel to a member of the FAA, Fabric Addicts Anonymous. The package contains some prettry fabric, a sheet of wool felt, a ribbon and two bee buttons that I used to decorate the gift tag. Everything is obviously color coordinated! Then, I found via Domesticali a photo swap. The theme is “simplicity”, I decided to sign up and I’m happy about it!!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty Claudia, I love the colour scheme.

futuregirl said...

It's is weird, isn't it? Andrew and I talk about my web friends like we actually know them. I guess in a way, I do, though. :)

Beautiful package!

Anonymous said...

Those buttons!!!! They are divine.
Lovely package,I must get in on these swaps.Nothing is more fun that getting beautiful things in the mail.

Camilla said...

It's a strange thing- but I have made some of my very best friends from this kind of random reaching out and gift sending. I think the wonderful thing about it is the level of trust people put in total strangers- I think that in general people are so un-trusting it comes as a nice surprise to find trust in strangers flourishing in cyberspace.

Señorita Puri said...

Beautiful. sometimes you just have to let yourself go, and enjoy.
My b-day is feb 26th by the way.
Kisses from a spanish blogger