Wednesday 10 November 2010

Ignorant Claudia - weekly question

Every week, ignorant Claudia will ask you a question...hoping that somebody has an answer!

So, what is the deal with crib bumper pads? Are they dangerous? If they are too risky for babies, how come I see so many adorable crib bumper pads everwhere?

This is a great exemple of a crib bumper pad that I would buy if I was rich, if I didn't know how to make one myself (hello, Lotta Jansdotter's Simple sewing for baby) and if, of course, it was totally safe for my baby!!!


martha said...

Oh man, there are a lot of different thoughts about crib bumpers. My own personal feeling is that it is fine until they start rolling around. We used one to keep some warmth in the crib for naptime, but there are fears that if the baby can only roll one direction that they might get their face stuck in there and suffocate. I'm guessing they started out as a preventative measure when the slats in the cribs were so wide.

luke and pamela said...

i didn't use one at first since everyone said they were unsafe. but then he started rolling... and he's wake up from a peaceful sleep screaming because his legs would be caught in the crib sides! it was horrible! so we've used a bumper since and next time around i'll use it from the beginning.

you found such a cute one!

Ali said...

Never used one - in the UK, they are considered to raise the risk of SIDS and are not popular.

The tangled legs thing wasn't an issue because mine had baby sleeping bags - now there's a worthwhile bedding related investment!

Megan said...

I have three kids, never used crib bumpers, never had anyone get stuck or have any problem with the slats on the crib. I agree with Ali, the sleep sacks are the way to go. And they are perhaps even easier to make yourself than the crib bumpers.

Good luck!

ingrid said...

We didn't use them because of the risk of SIDS. When O started crawling around, he bumped his head a lot (clumsy baby! just like his Mum!) but it didn't seem to cause much damage!

Like Ali said, we use sleep sacks. O still sleeps in a large sleep sack!

julia said...

Ha, this is the first time I heard someone saying they were dangerous! Here in Germany they are very common and I have one for Javi, too.
OT: Did you get Lotta's book? I can absolutely recommend it, so many cute AND useful projects!

Julia Edna said...

Je vais te donner la raisom québécoise: mort subite du nourrison (comme si tous les bébés étaient suicidaires et qu'ils allaient mettre leur face collé au contour...)

Suggestion économique: dwell studio a une superbe ligne pour target qui est situé à Plattsburg (1h de mtl). ;)

Chickpea said...

I bought all the supplies to make one but never ended up doing anything with them... I don't think you need one at all and frankly it's another thing you have to clean after it's vomited on.
also the ecological thing to do is to reduce the amount of stuff you won't be able to use very long ...I think.

Incidentally, the crib in the picture is the one I got for Finn, very sturdy.