Thursday 11 November 2010

A maternity milestone - wearing menswear

I always loved classic menswear. The simplicity, the colors, the fabric...aaahhhhh! For example, when the J.Crew catalog arrives at our door, I always look at the men's clothes section and whisper "unfair, I would totally get that jacket" (the worst part was when Dan got the "unfair" jacket)! Anyway, as much as I fall for menswear, it was a shock this week when I had to wear my husband's pj pants in the name of comfort!

I would like to show you nice maternity sleepwear but sadly it won't happen because for a strange reason everything that I saw online was 1) too expensive, 2) too kitty like (I'm not really into cutesy barn critters pattern) 3) too satiny or 4) too grand-ma style!

So, instead, I will show you a potential diaper bag...from the men's clothes section at J.Crew ;)


Pauper said...

Ahhh, I can so relate! I *always* find men's boots that I love that I could never get in my size having really small feet that they never make men's sizes small enough for. In one of the latest j.crews I found my dream boots, and of course, only men's!

Love that bag--great idea for a diaper bag!

Ana said...

Decent maternity wear does seem to be very heard to find. It's either hideously naff ('I love my bump' t-shirts), too teenage-trendy or too expensive. I wish there were more good maternity patterns available to sew myself.

mjb said...

I do buy men's tennis shoes for my big feet- so much cheaper and better quality for the price. And our diaper bag came from an outdoors kind of site where my husband's credit card points accrue. I never thought I'd be using them for something for the baby!

indigorchid said...

Oo, that is beautiful! And I support wearing menswear - it is, as you say, so classic! And a touch of rugged mixed with the inherent femininity of being female (not to mention pregnant!) = lovely.

Ali said...

Good choice! Especially as Dan will surely do his share of toting it!