Saturday 18 December 2010

Week 24

WARNING...this is a post about boobs!

Yesterday, in the changing room at prenatal yoga class, the "belly club" had a discussion about how great it is to be pregnant on a breasts aspect. I must admit that it is pretty impressive to have a C cup when during your entire life you could have lived off training bras!

However, in my case, the fun kinda stops there. At 24 weeks, the blue veins on my breasts are slowly starting to look like a road map of Canada! Well, it could be worst, I could have a road map of New York.

And I never believed that I would talk about my nipples on Internet but this is a maternity blog after all. So I looked at the "belly club" and asked if their nipples also looked a bit strange? I told them that I needed to get pregnant in order to fully understand why they call the top of baby bottles a nipple. Yep, no confusion possible now!

But don't get me wrong. I'm super happy to be pregnant. You have to understand that I use my maternity blog to vent a bit so I don't annoy my lovely husband too much and I remain a radiant pregnant lady most of the time!

So thank you so much my dear Internet friends because without you I would be a bitter and freaked out knocked up woman.

Claudia xox


Anonymous said...

oh claudia...
you are a constant amazement of entertainment...
and, i love these photos! you two are so funny!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I love the photos. I think I can beat you on the increase - I went from a 30A to a 32DD by 40 weeks - words can't describe the discomfort and I realised that I actually I really loved being flat chested (although I've never returned to being quite so straight up and down).

Florence x

Abby said...

You are hilarious, and so wonderfully honest. And you two are adorable. Glad you are having fun with your pregnancy.

alyson said...

hehe, cute photos!

my previously AAs are coming along slowly but surely - ha! at least they don't hurt like hell anymore!

Bess Callard said...

Hi Claudia!
Just catching up your posts - I love the wealth of baby info in these blog pages. I'm definitely going to be mining this data when my turn comes :)
You look amazing :) bada boom!!
Hope you and baby are well,
xx bess

UK lass in US said...

You're lucky - I started at a C, and ended up only just able to squeeze into an F by 40 weeks. I felt pretty self-conscious, especially as my dear husband kept making fun of me.

courtney said...

Just wait until you start nursing... I'm a D now!

Ali said...

Enjoy those boobs! Particularly if you have a babe with a distinct preference for feeding on one side - mine will never be symmetrical again.......!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Pregnancy boobage rocks, I will however let you find out what happens to them once baby is done with them lol
Ahh the joys of motherhood. You are loooking AMAZING!

Pauper said...

Hehehehe! Love this :) I too was one who started out small... and then suddenly I had boobs! Woo-hoo! And then they started leaking milk everywhere, and getting clogged ducts and then I couldn't enjoy them too much after that. I was hoping that the increased size would stick around after nursing, but alas.. Oh! And I had the same scenario as Ali above--my daughter unfortunately really disliked my right side, no idea as to why!

Ella said...

well not all of us get boobies. i didn't at all with my first but did with my 2nd. still, nothing to rave about and i'm pretty happy about that. i am probably 1 of only a few who enjoys being flat chested. you however, look gorgeous as always with a c cup! haha.
so i logged in here to tell you that i peeked at Little M's Christmas gifts from the grandparents - and not 1 but 2 sizes of Sophie the giraffe. all i could think of was your Sophie post and my comment and thoughts and well, i totally brought this on. no i wonder what's in Little A's package???
hope you are well. you guys are awesome!

Celia said...

i wish i could get excited about the boob thing, but i just can't. i was a 32ddd pre-pregnancy (already awkward on my 5'1 1/2 frame), and have grown to a 34g. i feel like i'm a walking balancing act. :(