Wednesday 9 March 2011

A new friend

I know, this is not a cute and fuzzy baby product but it might just be part of my favorite nursery items.

Montreal winters inevitably bring congestion, coughs, sinus irritation and nosebleeds. We can't wait to use a baby nose blow (sarcasm) on Alice but since we don't want to abuse of this delightful device (you probably figured out that the baby nose blow freaks me out), we went on a quest for the perfect humidifier...with a no filter cool mist ultrasonic technology (yeah, impressive)!

I won't judge you if you are into elephant, pig, lion or even Hello Kitty humidifiers but we were happy to find a more "modern and simple" design. So my new friend (currently used in my bedroom) is the Crane Drop Humidifier.

Yes, I have a blog post on a humidifier! Don't worry, I won't ever write about my microwave or my toaster...but maybe about my quest for an eventual breast pump!!!


A Loopy Life said...

I must admit, I chose the elephant humidifier :D

Aria said...

I just got the white one for our little nursery. I was thrilled to find a simple, beautiful, AND affordable humidifier. I haven't tried mine in yet, so I'm thrilled that you like yours.

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! I wish I would have seen this before we bought our tacky looking humidifier for the nursery. These are almost like art

Anonymous said...

I love how they look, however recently i've read about some problems pretty much all the humidifiers on the market have - they breed bacteria, and then disperse it in the air. One has to clean it daily to prevent that from happening. Ours always had this mold/mildew flaky stuff stuck inside. And you can't clean it with any chemicals for obvious reasons (it wouldn't come off just by scrubbing). The filters take care of hard minerals, like calcium. The ones that are good, have silver rod inside or the ones that have a UV light, that disinfects the water. So I threw mine away. Something to think about. :)