Friday 25 March 2011

Reproduce like bunnies

Having a maternity blog is wonderful! Most of the time, when I'm not complaining about the fascinating side effects of pregnancy (did I tell you about the dozens of freckles that appeared on my torso), I get to share unique birth stories, little crafts, never ending lists (!) and pretty things that I see on Internet.

I always loved Shannah's minimalist yet vibrant softies. As soon as I saw her new collection ( 3am, in the dark, while eating white chocolate and cherry cookies), I had to write a little something about it.

Alice is a spring baby. Sadly, she probably won't be welcomed with crocus and daffodils. We got fresh snow yesterday! When I looked at Shannah's spring rabbits, I had a vision! I was outside with Dan, we were taking our first stroller walk with the baby. We looked so tired but, oh, so happy! It was warm, there was no more snow, we were not wearing !@#$%^& winter boots! It was glorious!!!

For Shannah, the rabbits metaphor recalls intuition, regeneration, and redemption. Isn't it perfect under the circumstance!


Di said...

I too love her rabbits! I made comment on the one with the green bobbly jumper on - pity it's crochet cos I love the stitch!

Shannah said...

Oh! You are so sweet to feature me:) Thank you!

Hopefully Spring weather will come soon for both of us. Our weather just took a turn. Last week it was hot outside and now it is snowing 2-4 inches! I'm sure Alice will bring lots of warm sunshine with her when she's born:)