Friday 25 March 2011

Oh, the possibilities

I did it again! I just watched a few episodes of "get it out now or I will kill you all" aka A Baby Story. On the show, most women are in labor wearing the less empowering piece of clothing ever. I told my husband that no hospital gown (even "designer hospital gown") would come near me and that I want to be half naked or completely naked most of the time!

Anyway, this post is not about childbirth fashion but childbirth positions. For a first baby, the average childbirth time is about 18 hours. Unless you are planning a home birth, you will probably be doing a good part of your labor at home before going to the hospital...until you have 60 seconds contractions, every 5 minutes for 2 hours (according to my doctor and my doula).

Of all the reading material that I got during my prenatal classes, this retro looking page is my favorite. Those positions can help you deal with the pain (for people who are planning a more natural childbirth but also for people who are waiting for their epidural), find some comfort between contractions and in most cases accelerate labor. After all, gravity really does wonders!

Did you have a favorite position while in labor? If you are going to give birth soon, are you planning to try different positions or to have a more "classic" approach?


Eliina said...

My childbirth class instructor had the same images in poster form at our class two weeks ago! I love that the laboring woman appears to be wearing some sort of bodysuit. An x-ray bodysuit, so we can see her party balloon shaped uterus. I do plan to use some of those positions, but I won't be copying the hairstyles.

mjb said...

I used the peanut shaped birthing ball, but my husband had to remind me a couple times that it would be worth it. My legs felt so weak! When I had to be in bed laying on my side was best, but nowhere as good as on that ball. I was hesitant to move onto the ball because I was afraid I'd have a contraction halfway down, but it was worth it.

Veronica Darling... said...

Hi Claudia, you are getting so close now!

I just wanted to wish you all the best, and thank you for all your notes here (for me to read when I'm pregnant one day!) as I love your ethos and think it's similar to mine!

All the best and hope you meet Alice soon! xoxo

Jennifer said...

For me, my water broke the night before my due date & contractions never started on their own (at least not soon enough to avoid infection). As a result, I was induced.

Since I was hooked up to a million different things that made even rolling side to side extremely difficult, I never really used any other position other than laying in bed lol. Oh and an epidural -- contractions suck.

Heidi said...

I put one little tip for you,
I have two girls.
And this has helped me when I was hospital to birth my princess..

So, when you stand (if you can) do number eight with your hip.

But enjoy your babystomach :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Claudia!

I wish I had more time to do more than just "skim" your last five posts...a newborn leaves little time for such luxuries! :) But I did just want to drop in to tell you from someone who's just done's true-childbirth is everything you could ever dream of and more. The most amazing thing! And YOU CAN DO IT! I'm SO excited for you to go through it! And while it's also true that those first post partum days are a challenge, they are the most rewarding days I've ever had in my life. Okay, I'll wrap this up, but again, I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU! GOOD LUCK!

Unknown said...

Hi Claudia,
I've been loving your blog and following along as you get ready to welcome Alice.

I just wanted to share with you the wonders of the bath tub. I don't know if you'll have one in the hospital, but at least while you are still home. I spent about 3 hours in the tub up until I had to push and it really was great. I can't tell you if I was in any of those positions, I can't really remember most of it, but I know the warm water felt really wonderful.

good luck. I can't wait to meet Alice too, even if it is just through blogland.

Daniela said...

Hi Claudia,

My due date is tomorrow, and like you, I have been looking for what's best and less painful! Ha! We'll see!
I plan, if possible, to have a natural birth, and controll the pain in a bath tub, but at the Clinic where I'll be delivering, I'll have the chance to try any possition, so, I guess it will all come to what is most comfortable at the moment. Good luck and I hope we both enjoy the ride!!!

Jaime said...

I had my son two years ago this week completely natural, not even an IV. I labored on my feet, leaning into my husband, until my feet started to hurt from standing for so long. Then I moved into a warm deep tub which was amazing and relieving. I then moved out of the tub to push and used a birthing stool. My water broke at home around 2am, went into the hospital around 9am, and had Aiden around 1pm. It was awesome!