Friday 29 April 2011

A baby at the theater?!?

When you become a mother, especially when you are breastfeeding, you realize that the "culinary" well being of your infant depends pretty much entirely on you.

So when you get a chance to see the play Naissance (Birth) you have two options: 1) pump milk that your husband will give to your baby with a little cup 2) bring the baby and the husband with you and hope that things will go smoothly!

Today, we did a little "test-drive" with the kiddo: having lunch at a casual restaurant. Let me tell you that I was very nervous. I know that a screaming baby can annoy the crap out of people and I'm not mentally strong enough at the moment to argue with anybody! Luckily, Alice slept pretty much the entire time.

I know, going to the theater with a 6 week old baby is pretty suicidal but considering the nature of the play I think that I'm willing to take the risk. And the, I mean Dan...can always go for a little walk with Alice if she gets cranky.

Anyway! Naissance (Birth) is a documentary-style play based on over one hundred interviews conducted with mothers across America about their birth experiences. It has been performed to sold-out audiences throughout the world. Basically, it is the Vagina Monologues of childbirth! The goal of the play is to improve childbirth choices and put mothers at the center of their birth experiences. This should be pretty interesting...especially a few weeks after giving birth.

So, should Alice come to the theater or stay at home with daddy?


oscarlucinda said...

I vote they come with you! I agree, it's sure to be a forgiving and understanding audience.

Hope it comes to Australia.

Look forward to the review :)

Sofisan said...

Thats a tough one but I say do the thing that will let you relax more, so you can relax and enjoy the play.

Linda said...

A play could be a good test how it could work for you both. Dan could have the experiance to have the baby alone and you could try to enjoy time alone - only for you. I am sure you will meet many other nice mums for chatting a bit...You would show your perfect appreciation to Dan when he will take care for Alice. So, if you both agree and feel comfortable, why not?

Carolee Beckham said...

ooo... I want to see this play! :)

Sid. said...

Definitely bring her! I'm envious she and you get to see that play, it looks so interesting! With my daughter, I always just imagine the worst case scenario which is having to leave with a crying baby. Not the end of the world. And certainly people wanting to see a play like that shouldn't have a problem with it.