Tuesday 3 May 2011

I got a good idea!

I really enjoy writing on my little blog. I'm always so surprised when people take the time to comment on my motherhood adventures. I'm 100% certain that being supported by so many wonderful women made my pregnancy and post-partum transition much easier! Thank you!

So, today, I decided to make my blog a bit more "interactive". From now on, if you leave me a comment, it will be a pleasure for me to answer it in the most recent post. After all, a conversation is much more rewarding than a monologue!!!

* * * * *

oscarlucinda : I can't wait to see it and make a little review. I know that the audience will be understanding but I don't want to annoy people. Alice is a very calm baby but she can be a little cranky in the evening.

sofisan : My husband told me that I should go with whatever makes me more relaxed but I honestly don't know what is the best option (with or without baby)!!!

linda : I know that Dan would do a great job and having some time alone might feel very good. I just need to figure out how to pump milk (and what to do with it until we use it).

carolee beckham : I will let you know if I like the play. There is also a book if you can't see it in your area.

sid. : I'm just like you. So far we went to a few "social" activities and I always imagine the worst case scenario. Dan told me that I have to work on it and be positive. It is a work in progress!


Clairsy said...

ooh nice idea!! At 13 weeks pregnant, I'd love to hear "things I wish I knew before" about pregnancy and motherhood. Also (apologies if you've mentioned this) most useful items, and items you could have done without.

juultje said...

Well, not really a question but just a really big thank you because my boyfriend and i are in the process of getting used to the idea that we really would like to become parents! And since i'm usually really good in picturing all kinds of really crazy scenarios (like: 'but what if she/he is getting lice and then it get's all over the house and she's allergic to the shampoo etc')

So on behalf of my boyfriend i say a big thanks because you blogging on all your (and my) fears is really helping putting all this in prospective!
Greetings from the Netherlands!


Vanessa said...

Love your family pictures...nice to see your 4 legged kiddos. :)

By the way...I'm very much a "worst case scenerio" person. I am slowly-but-surely conquering all of my fears of having Eden out and about. For instance:

I was at the pediatricians office when she had a really big poop. I asked where I could change her and the lady pointed to the regular-persons bathroom where they had one of those horrid pull down changing stations that I swore I would never use. Well...I used it. And Eden didn't contract any disgusting diseases or get other kid's poop stains on her clothes. I'm not saying I'll be using one again in the near future (I won't complain if I never have to use one again!) but we survived! :D

Whether or not you decide to take Alice, I hope you have a great time at the theatre!

Vanessa said...

Okay, so maybe saying that I'm conquering "all" my fears isn't so true. :) "Some of" probably would have been more appropriate.

Veronica Darling... said...

Ooh, I LOVE this little interactive idea on your blog!

I don't know, because my last 2 months have been so busy at work, but I don't think I wished you a congratulations!

She's looking DAMN fine and you two look comfy and darling and all those sweet things. Congrats to you guys and love your family!


Sid. said...

Very cool idea. I adore those photos!

one claire day said...

Hi Claudia,
thanks for commenting on my blog - would love to know how you stumbled upon it..? Your daughter Alice is gorgeous! ...and I'm quite envious of you living in an candy factory!

Is that a spoodle/ labradoodle/ cavoodle I see there? Looks a bit like my cavoodle, Dot - just bigger!

Well I'm very glad to have found you - great blog!

x claire