Thursday 5 May 2011

Mother of a Day Blog Party

Vanessa from Little Gray Pixel is doing a blog party for Mother's Day. She rounded up a bunch of guest bloggers to write about know, my favorite subject!

Since I don't consider that I have much experience (yet) in that department, I decided to write the story beyond my favorite photo of Alice. You can read about it tomorrow (May 6th) as well as other interesting posts from great Internet moms.

* * * * *

little gray pixel: Well, if I find pretty nursing bras (and not $$$) I might change my mind but so far no luck!

clairsy: Ah, we are all dorks ;) And the strange thing is that I don't even try to be is just the way that I'm! Maybe it is a French (Canadian) people thing !?!

sarahvine: I don't know of I can find Elle McPhearson bras in Montreal. Thank you for the info! Also, I'm "happy" to know that I'm not the only one who didn't get the magical connection right away.

oscarlucinda: No problem :) And you are right, I don't know what mothers did before blogs...ah ah ah !

mjb: I still like my nursing pillow but I don't think that it is absolutely necessary (especially not at 80$) but Alice is still very small and light. Maybe in a few months I could do another list and it will be completely different.

sofisan: I have nothing against nursing pillows. It is just that I got "dependent" to it the first few weeks. I could not feed Alice if I didn't have the pillow...not practical when you are at a coffee shop for example! I became much more confident when I removed the pillow. But it is probably just me!

julia: I love to know how each mother is different! Very fascinating! Oh, BabyBjorn rocks :)

veronica darling: Thank you so much Veronica! xox

sid: Yeah! The photos are nice but not exactly what I wanted ;)

claire day: I honestly don't know how I stumbled upon your blog (and it was just this morning) ...I get some short term memory loss (!) now that I have a baby, ah ah ah! And Brian (my dog) is a cockapoo. I had to google cavoodle because it is something that we don't have here. Pretty cute mix.


Little Gray Pixel said...

Thanks for the write-up. Love your story and your picture -- thanks for sharing it for my blog party. :-)

Sofisan said...

I love the conversation thing you have going!

And you make a great point about dependence on the pillow, I will definitely keep that in mind when I start nursing myself.
My point was more of "I think they should be called pregnancy pillows instead" ;)