Wednesday 11 May 2011

My baby doll

As a little girl, I was not really into dolls. I never had a temper tantrum at a toy store because I wanted a tiny princess outfit for my barbie. I did, however, had many temper tantrums for stuffed animals but this is another story!

There is a Value Village (second hand store) next to my home. During my pregnancy, after brunch, we would go and get inexpensive clothes for Alice. I would tell Dan that I didn't understand why somebody would buy "expensive" baby clothes when they could get second hand outfits at a fraction of the price. After all, babies don't care what they wear as long as they are comfortable. Right???

Well, only idiots don't change their minds. I realized that I actually LOVE to play dress up with Alice and that sometimes Value Village has its limits! While we were waiting in line to buy my nursing cover, I saw this adorable romper from Tea. I looked at Alice and asked her if she wanted mommy to buy her a 30$ onesie! Luckily for me, perfect timing, she smiled! Good doll, um, I mean good girl ;)

* * * * *

mjb: Ah! Good to know that some babies get tired of it! Thank you :)

kim: I got the cover as a "plan B"...I like to have options! The pattern (free) is Cisco by Berroco Design Team. If you are on ravelry:

claudia: As soon as we don't have to use the newborn insert I will nurse Alice in the Ergo. Sounds great!

sandra: Exactly! It is the Cisco. Thank you so much.

190.arch: There is a rigid neckline so you can see the baby all the time...this is what I liked about the product.

bugheart: My hooter hider (ah ah ah) is, for me anyway, a "security blanket". I can go for a walk and I will have the option of breastfeeding without it or use the cover if necessary. It is basically peace of mind.

olena : Oh, thank you so much for your super nice comment. You made my day :) I used a scarf a few time but it is difficult to see the baby (the cover has a rigid neckline so it is a big plus). But now I want to buy a new summer know, because they are so nice ! Well, parenthood is not simple but I try to keep a positive attitude and have fun with my little family. Thank you again. xox

julia: Interesting (I looked it up on amazon)! I think I will go to the library today and see if I can find it there. If not, well, I will buy it because it is exactly my kind of reading! Thank you.


Anne said...

Nice one Alice! ;)
My sisters handed me many baby pyjamas and onesies from their kids, most of them not to my taste. I was thinking the same as you, who cares as long as they do the job, they won't be of long use anyway. But I know I will want to have at least a couple of outfits we will have chosen ourselves. You have to treat yourself sometimes too, or it's no fun!

Little Gray Pixel said...

That's a very cute outfit. I don't blame you for splurging!

Unknown said...

haha you always make me smile reading these posts...such a cute romper, I wouldnt mind a dress in that design for myself!