Friday 17 June 2011

Tent in the city

Dan and I are both from the country. You know, lost in the middle of corn fields and maple forests. We each spent our childhood exploring what looked like a never ending playground filled with discoveries: a large toad near a stream, a dead deer under a tree (!), a multitude of blackberry plants, an abandoned sugar shack, etc.

Alice will have the exact opposite: a life in the city surrounded by concrete, cars, tall buildings (the occasional prostitute on the sidewalk), etc. However, we don't see this as a problem. Dan and I are totally committed to give Alice an access to both worlds. It just requires a bit more planning than opening the backyard door.

With the right attitude, Alice's backyard can be the Montreal Botanical Garden, the Mount Royal Park (designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed New York Central Park), the Jean-Talon Public Market, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the Jazz Festival, etc.

With this in mind, I just got a second hand baby Pea Pod tent for our numerous urban excursions. For example, after a stroll in the Old Montreal, Alice could relax in her cozy UV protection tent while Dan and I enjoy a picnic near the St Lawrence river. Perfect :)

* * * * *

little gray pixel: Don't worry. I won't do that! And I love your concept: "eat the same healthful meals as a family and exercise daily as a family".

lola: I also think that kids should question what they are told. Well, maybe not the "take your bath" or "do your homework" ;)

clairsy: I don't know any Tiger moms (yet). In the book, the author writes that childhood should not be fun. To my opinion, this is so sad!!!

ali: I think that we all have a bit of tiger mom in us! Love your dental hygiene comment...ah ah ah! And yes, I also loved her self-deprecation (is that a word in English???) humor.

isa: Wow, I love your sewing style. SSSSSSOOOOOOO pretty :)

shannah: I just purchased Simplicity Parenting. I will let you know what I think of the book soon! Thank you so much for the info :)


roberta jane said...

my husband and i are facing a similar baby-raising reality. we both grew up in smallish coastal towns, but will be raising our child in more of a city. which i personally think will be so cool for our little one as long as we find a balance for him that includes many trips to the parks and out-of-town nature excursions/camping .

love this idea of having a little tent like this!

Anonymous said...

I bought that little tent instead of the boxy "pack 'n play" and I can't wait to break it out (or snap it out, as seems to be the case). Particularly fun is its snappy little circle packaging.

ingrid said...

We have one of those tents! O won't sleep in it and he's not crazy about playing in it, but I know he'll grow into it! It would have been nice to have before O was mobile!!

Pauper said...

Your daughter is very lucky to have access to 'both worlds'--I would love for my daughter to have more of the country experience too. That tent looks really cool.

Ulla V. said...

What a cool idea with such a little tent. I have never seen that before...

I love your attitude to life with a baby. The only one who sets the limits to what is - or isn't - possible with a little child, is ourselves. And growing up in a city can add so many gorgeous experiences to a child's life.

I grew up in a medium-sized village, and I'm happy about the things my mum and dad did for me. They were so good at setting up ideas for us to try out. But at the same time they also knew how much it adds to one's quality of life, to be a part of an ordinary everydaylife in a family. Helping out with daily chaws along with my mum and dad, and enjoying the space for talking it gave, still is a wonderful and heartwarm memory from my childhood. :))

Luckly little Alice.

Daniela said...

Good thinking! We do the best we can and give them all the best we can give them, from both worlds! In my case... two countries, a bit more complicated though, but equally exciting.
I've been having that same tent in mind, trying to find a portable baby cot, are you happy with it?? Is it stable enough?

kate oates said...

Nelson loves his tent. Next up, camping. We're heading to Colorado in a couple of weeks for a friend's wedding. Our accommodations will include camping, hostel, and hotel. I can't wait to see how he takes to camping.

Enjoy your outings in the city and beyond!