Sunday 10 July 2011

The alternative!

Alice started to pull on my necklaces, with her tiny yet very strong hands, while I breastfeed her. Now that my necklaces are stored in my jewelry box (for an undetermined period of time), Alice found a new victim. In less than a week pretty much all my tops have deformed collar. And when she is not attached to my breast, she can spend hours drooling on whatever soft material she can get (especially when she is traveling in her Ergobaby).

I strongly believe that less is more but sometimes it is good to splurge a bit...especially when it can possibly solve a small grabbing/drooling situation. Consequently, Alice will soon be able to entertain herself with an adorable mommy necklace from the Finland based Etsy shop Koukku.

* * * * *
woolandthebear: Wow, we are really sisters. You should find it in the states. It is not at all a Canadian product. Hope unicorn cake will have a perfectly normal skin (because normal can be good).

bess callard: It is 100% sure that Pharmaprix has it.

courtney, anne and oneeyedrabbit: Thank you so much :)

ella: Oh, "blip" yoga teacher!!! What you said totally make sense. I won't do this exercise anymore. Thank you for the info. And both your kids look super happy (from the pictures you post), with and without the mama baby classes!


Little Gray Pixel said...

I've definitely thought about getting one of these. Let me know how you like them!

taryn said...

i got a couple of these types of necklaces as gifts and can't wait to use them. hopefully they work!

one claire day said...

Ah, yes... I have had to de-jewel as well. These are a great idea... not to mention cute. Those Scandinavians know good design. xx

fast times in münchen. said...

Hi! Sorry I don't mean to stalk you but those shoes you like are available here:

But i'm not sure if they ship internationally. It's worth a try. Right? :-)

peanut said...

You've made me think of my youngest sister and my mum.

When my sister was small (probably about one and a half or so) we lived in the high arctic and my mum carried her all over the place in the back of an amouti just like the Inuit women did. It's very practical when you're walking everywhere and that extra furnace on your back is supposed to be very nice. Mum enjoyed this right up until Claire discovered she could reach the Mum's hair (you know those really fine ones on the back of your neck, right at the bottom of your hairline). My mum went from medium length hair to a pixy cut very quickly!