Thursday 28 July 2011

Cold weather cocoon

Season wise, I'm never totally happy! In winter, I daydream of sandals, ice cream cones and picnics at the park. So obviously, now that we had a few 40C (104F with humidity factor), I often think of wool sweaters, warm tea and afternoon walks surrounded by colorful fall foliage.

But how do cold seasons work with a baby? There are two issues: how will I keep Alice warm without making her sweat buckets and how do I transport her when the streets will be covered with snow (we don't have a car)?

Last winter, when I was pregnant, I was fascinated yet traumatized by numerous women pushing their stroller without much success after a snow storm. Their kids, paralyzed by too many layers of clothes, were often screaming their little lungs out. That normally a 5 minutes walk to the local bakery suddenly turns into a mom nightmare. Anyway!

Last evening, I received an online shopping epiphany: a carrier cover designed with !"#$%?&* Canadian seasons in mind (and on sale)! Alice will be so comfortable (and totally adorable) in her cold weather cocoon!

* * * * *

lin: Thank you so much for telling me that there is actually a name for that condition!!! Sometimes, I take my shower and I honestly don't recall washing my hair but I know that I did because it smells like shampoo! Crazy!!!

marina: Thank you! I can't wait for Alice to fit in your criss cross reversible dress...that pattern is on my list :)

little gray pixel: Totally genius!

la franglaise: Ouin, pour le moment je ne rigole pas mais éventuallement, j'espère, je vais en rire (pour le moment je suis frustrée)!!! Ah, Paris, tu n'es donc pas une ville parfaite ;)

daniela: Really? Oh, I want to see a picture of the hat on Olivia.

uk lass in us: It is "good" that I'm not the only one with that stupid memory problem. I also do the "what did I come in this room for anyway" thing. This is bad!!!

peanut: You lived in the High Artic? So awesome! I worked up north for a few months and a lot of mothers were using amouti (didn't know it was the name, thank you!). I love it :)

marie christsine: Ah, t'es donc gentille m'tante Marie :) xox

baby poop chart: Ah, funny but totally true (you can never trust your baby's poop)!!!


courtney said...

me too! i'm always dreaming of the opposite season than the one it is. we've been having crazy hot days here too. but yes, alice will look so adorable in her cocoon. and you will look adorable carrying her! x

Taryn said...

I think that looks awesome, but I wish they'd have the model mom wearing her winter coat too. I can't imagine having a carrier over my jacket but maybe that's because I'm so used to having a summer baby. Either way, baby rolls should not have to be hidden in snowgear! Dang Canadian winters!

UK lass in US said...

Hmm, I always found it cute when my kids were so wrapped up they could not move their arms. Bad mum moment: laughing when my kid face planted in the snow and could not get themself up, as they had too many layers on... Still, Californian winters are just a tad milder, so I can imagine the novelty might well wear off up north...