Thursday 28 July 2011

Dear 4 months old Alice

Dear Alice,

Four months ago, when I looked into your big gray eyes for the first time, I didn't know what to expect. I could simply not believe that, during 10 months, you transformed inside me...from a minuscule dot on the first ultrasound at 6 weeks to a long and lean brunette at 39 weeks and 5 days.

So far, you made the beginning of this motherhood adventure a pure delight. It is a privilege to take care of you and I'm well aware that, until now, you have been an extremely easy baby with a wonderful personality.

Like most mothers, I'm in awe of each and every single one of your accomplishments: a smile, a stronger neck, a foot in your mouth, a belly laugh, an attempt to crawl, etc.

I profoundly cherish the quiet moments that we share together such as a morning stroll with the dog, an afternoon cuddle in bed or a relaxing evening bath.

I'm always moved to see that holding you against me and talking to you can make your frustrations go away in the blink of an eye. And your smiles, there are no words to tell you how much I appreciate them.

Oh, I can also be a bit creepy! I will confess that I can't stop staring at you...especially when you sleep. I love the calm movement of your little body as you breath.

However, one of the thing that I love the most is looking at you interacting with your daddy. When you two are sound asleep on a Saturday morning, when he uses the dog as a horse for you, when he struggles to attach all the snaps on your pj while your kick your little feet in the air but mostly when I see that you recognize him when he comes back home from a long day at work. His eyes lights up as he covers you with kisses.

So, after 4 months, I now know that when two people love each other very very very much they can create together the most amazing thing in the world and bring even more love into their lives...but, Alice, you are way too young for me to tell you about that kind of stuff ;)

Mom (wow, I'm a mom...your mother!!!)

* * * * *

PJ from the lovely blog Bunny and Dolly asked me to be a guest blogger while she takes some time to bond with her brand new little boy, Levi. If you want, as of today, you can take a look at my post "ready or not".

Have a wonderful weekend xox

* * * * *

courtney: I try to enjoy each seasons but I simply can't control myself...I always want the next one!!! And at the country house, in two weeks, I will knit a fall hat for Alice. xox

taryn: You are totally right about the winter coat situation. The first month (April), we had a few cold days (not winter cold but I needed a coat) and I had a carrier over my jacket. It is ok...but it doesn't work with all jackets.

uk lass in us: Ah ah ah, you are so funny (kid face planted in the snow)! I can't wait to see that (um, bad mum moment)!


Anonymous said...

tout simplement marie christine

Anne said...

Oui, très émouvant, ce post...

Ulla V. said...

She will love to read this, your little Alice. Such a fine and heartwarming declaration of love to her - and to your husband.

I agree with you - motherhood is the most wonderful thing. Amazing how love can result in such a little treasure.
And it never ends being fabulous, Claudia. It simply gives you more and more love, and loads of moments to keep in your heart.

PJ said...

happy 4 month birthday, alice! you are a lucky little girl to have parents who love you so!

one claire day said...

Happy 4 months Alice! What a lovely Mom you have... you lucky thing! ;)

JoeyNomad said...

that made me cry! what a lovely post!

emily said...


i get about watching them sleep: i can barely get a nap in bc i'm watching her cute face the whole time!

alice is adorable.

Daniela said...

Congratulations little one!!! Claudia, what a beautiful post. It's amazing how time has flown, four months already. To think I am only 2 weeks behind! I send you both a big hug from Norway! Enjoy your day :)

Clairsy said...

Oh, I needed to read this, it's all started to scare me a bit recently.
Lovely post.

Lila said...

Alice is such a lucky, lovely girl.