Monday 11 July 2011

A stylish kido :)

A while ago, I came upon the blog One Claire Day. Claire lives in Australia with her family. She also has a dog that looks just like Brian, well, a clean version of Brian.

Claire has a little girl named Eulalie. She is pretty much a style icon! However, since bloomers would make my adult butt look rather big, I concluded that it would be wiser to draw inspiration from her style and adapt it to the way I dress Alice.

As I was reading her latest post, I saw the cutest pair of baby shoes ever. Claire told me they are from an Australian company called All About Heidi (and when I could not find them online, one of her lovely readers wrote me a comment telling me where I could get a pair).

I know that shoes are not necessarily the most useful item in a 3 months old baby's wardrobe...especially not when it is 35C (95F). This is why I ordered a 6-12 months old size. The handmade shoes are supposed to give good grip for crawlers while helping socks (!"#$%?&* socks) to stay on. Every shoe is adjustable by loosening the tie at the front and or the velcro. Perfect!

On a side note, Alice knows how to turn on her belly. The thing is, she doesn't know how to return on her back. Since her little 14 weeks old neck is not very strong yet, she eventually can't keep her head up and plopped her face on the mattress. FREAKING OUT MOM! How can she breath like that???

Also, when on her belly, she eventually starts to "cry" out of frustration. I roll her on her back and, ta-da, in less than 5 seconds she is back on her belly freaking out! Poor little bunny :(

* * * * *

lola: I think that I will get a book. As you said, I can use some of the concepts for potty learning. What is the title of your book?

little gray pixel: Pee is always without warning for Alice...unless I don't "read" her properly.

taryn: This is so interesting. I love learning those kind of cultural stuff. How was life in China...especially pregnant? I would love to see a picture of the bum less pants.

kat - housewife confidential: So happy to know that EC is not an urban legend ;)

joeynomad: I didn't know about the musical poop device! I must google it because it looks super funny (not that I want one but just out of curiosity).

lina: Thank you! I didn't realized,when I wrote that post, that I would get many Freud references (I vaguely studied that a long time ago). Now, I must refresh my memory on his poop-sex-all the rest theories. Oh, where are you from? I don't have any access to your blog (if you have one). And please, don't be sorry for the long comment. It was super interesting :)

clairsy: Thank you so much for the link. Motherhood is full of "what to do" dilemmas. Well, it is part of the fun, right? I still don't know what to think of EC for Alice.......

daniela: Oh! Thank you for the links. Your comment came just in time since I'm going to a last yoga class tomorrow and I didn't know if I should talk about it with the teacher. And don't be sorry for the "long comment". Not to sound like a call centre message but your comments are important to me :) xox

kim u: Yes, it is interesting but not for everybody.

sarahvine: Hi Sarah, I'm a bit sad! I really want to know your opinion (and, omg, you are a doula...I love doulas!!!) and I don't want people to feel "not welcome" to write something on my blog. Learning from so many wonderful women is honestly such a privilege for me!!! So thank you thank you thank you for telling me your EC story. And yes, I'm having fun :) Take care.


Lola said...

Diaper free by Ingrid Bauer. It's interesting...

I loved those shoes when I saw them too and I completely cracked up when you said the bit about the bloomers.

I hate baby socks too.

My kiddos all have slept on their stomach as soon as they could roll over (2.5 months) I freaked out too.

one claire day said...

Claudia, you're too lovely! Thank you for this gorgeous post! I'm so glad you found the shoes (thanks Bianca!). Sorry I didn't give you a direct website... I was quickly replying to your comment as I was rushing out the door to take Lalie to the doctor...

Eulalie is just about grown out of hers so I'm thinking of getting the navy ones...and the mint green. I'm kinda obsessed! Alice will LOVE them - they must also be very tasty because Lalie is always trying to suck her feet when she's wearing them! xx

Janet said...

We're dealing with the same thing! Juno can turn over to her belly but not back, and she even does it in her sleep (and wakes up crying). We had to ditch the swaddle because she was spending all her time trying to Houdini out of it, not to mention it's dangerous when she's rolling. She's actually sleeping great at night now, surprisingly, but naps aren't going well because she can't stop flailing.

one claire day said...

Hello, it's me again. Just wanted to say that Lalie can't stand being on her tummy!! Since she learned how to roll from her belly to her back, she won't tolerate being face down for even 30 seconds - she just rolls straight over every. single. time!

Anonymous said...

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