Monday 22 August 2011

Alice in Charlevoix - part 2

Our first family vacation started with the unexpected return of aunt flow. I knew this day would come sooner than later since Alice has been sleeping through the night (6-8 hours) for the past 3 months. Luckily, my IUD took care of it in less than 48 hours! *sigh*

Going on a 8 day trip with a young baby was a bit of an adaptation for me. Alice was, as usual, delightful to live with but, like every baby, she needs a clean diaper, a full belly, a few restful naps and a lot of entertainment.

Things went pretty smoothly as soon as we accepted that some activities would have to be put on hold for the moment. For exemple, I believe that a fancy terroir restaurant might not be a good setting for a 4 1/2 months old baby and that hiking in a land of black flies and mosquitoes could be pretty harmful for a little one's delicate skin.

So we decided to simply enjoy our stay at the country house and make sure that this first family vacation was full of good memories and not full of failed expectations. We played board games, tried the BBQ many times, used the spa as much as we could, read on the porch, roasted marshmallows and went for lovely walks. Alice was all smiles during the entire time except when we started the two hours drive in the mountains. The poor thing was pulling her ears with her little fingers and screaming every time we would go up or down a hill. As a new mother, it took me a while to figure out that it was the ear-popping sensation that was causing her such discomfort.

Oh, we almost had to call 911 when our rented car got stuck on a very remote "road". We were looking for a "non-touristic" beach when we decided that it was realistic to drive over those big rocks. Is there something more disgusting than the noise of rocks smashing the metal parts underneath a car?!? We made it but it implied a lot of sweat, insects bites and dirty hands from pulling rocks manually out of the way! We never found the beach. Maybe next year!

Now, I would like to show you my top 5 items to bring on a country vacation with a baby:

Bummis Swimmi
PeaPod Tent
Ergo Baby Carrier
Perlimpinpin Organic Nap Sac
Pronto Changing Station
* * * * *

anneemall: Thank you so much!

the franglaise: Merci beaucoup! We also have a beige one but for a strange reason, it is too big (even if it it the same size as the red one)!?! We had such a good time taking silly pictures with Alice (and the dog). xox

sara: Merci Sara. Il faudrait bien prendre un autre café et discuter livre de photos. Oh, as-tu facebook (oui oui, le Hot Mama Club a une page facebook)?

one claire day: I know, I freak out whenever you put a picture of Dottie on your blog ;) The "big mouth" picture is pretty funny (well, I look like s**t but it was so freakin early in the morning). xox

celia: OMG, thank you so much for that awesome comment. It is super interesting to read about all the phases. I must admit that I would love to go to your place during the "baby dance party" :) And, I almost cried when I read the part about the choking-puking incident. That must be terrible for you to see your adorable baby girl like that. You are an incredible mother and you are doing such a great job. You totally rock. xox

courtney: You should go on family vacation. It is really not that complicated. The country house is a pretty good option with kids...especially when there is a spa ;) xox

shine little light*: Thank you. I needed to get a new swimsuit that could fit my of milk boobs! And baby swimming class starts in September.

lila: We played Uno like crazy since it doesn't take forever to finish it. It is perfect when you have a baby...and Alice had a lot of fun with her card (the one with nothing on it!).

luke and pamela: Thank you so much :)


jamie said...
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jamie said...

so awesome you guys!

are you happy with the peapod? (obv you are) but i cant decide between that and something that we could all sit under? like so he can be awake and playing in the shade? (like this?

anyways. well done.

she is so dang cute.

taryn said...

it looks like you had such a nice trip. it's good that you had realistic expectations - i think i was a little disappointed in my holiday because i thought i'd be able to do more! but i learned a lot and will be ready for the next time!

also, that picture of you and alice is so great! definitely a keeper.

Daniela said...

I'm glad you had such a great time! I cried a little bit with the ear-popping incident! We went on our first airplane trip and it was not popular at all with Olivia, poor babies!!!!

sara-ananda said...

Hey! Oui j'ai un fb (sara-ananda badger)...

Bess Callard said...

Your pillow is gorgeous! I love it :) It sounds like you guys had a great vacation. Thanks for posting that helpful list too! xo

Anne said...

About the Ergobaby, I just wanted to signal people to be extra careful. We wanted to buy one yesterday, saw cheaper new ones on eBay and fell in the trap... It turns out there is a massive traffic of fake Ergobaby touted as 'authentic'. That's what we ordered, I'm sure of it (the fake ones are sold with a DVD). It was impossible for us to cancel the transaction, but I'm going to spread the word. We're gutted, the Ergobaby seems such a great product...