Thursday 29 September 2011

Dear 6 months old Alice

Dear Alice (aka kitten),

Six months ago, we welcomed you into our life. Ever since, watching you grow has been our favorite hobby. Each milestones, large or small, is a celebration. You are a delightful little lady and we could not be more happy to have you by our side.

I thought that it would be nice to tell you how life in our little family is on a daily basis.

The day starts generally at 5:00am when you open your big gray eyes and turn your head to look at me from your crib. Eventually, you will sleep in your own nursery but for the moment I think that we are all (including the cat and the dog) happy to share the same sleeping space. Breastfeeding early in the morning is one of my favorite moments of the day...when we all cuddle in bed as the city is about to wake up.

At 9:30am, rain or shine, we go for a walk with Brian. You are not in love with your stroller but I understand that the safety straps can be a bummer for a baby full of energy. I'm now a pro at "driving" the stroller (or as your dad calls it the USS Kitten-prise...your dad is a geek, but not a trekkie). I can go up and down stairs, while opening doors and making sure that you still have your socks on.

We are two busy bees. I often joke that I should hire a personal assistant to make sure that I don't forget anything. We have swimming class at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, massage class at the Community Centre, various activities with the Hot Mama Club lovely ladies, appointments at the clinic and since you are pretty popular we often spend time with family and friends.

I'm happy to report that the entire neighborhood saw me breastfeeding : the coffee shop, the movie theater, the park, on the sidewalk, even at church during a wedding! I often let you use me as a pacifier since you don't have one. Luckily for my nipples, you hardly fuss. It is completely silly but I have great pride knowing that for the moment, you never shed a tear. However, I must inform you that I will probably cry with you when that day comes.

I love that your face brightens when your dad comes back from work. I gave up trying to feed you when he opens the door because suddenly your priorities change! You are now very active and eager to discover the world. You easily grab objects (please, go easy with the pets) and you laugh at the most unexpected sights. For example, you find Brian hilarious when he barks to get fed. Because looking at you laugh is, for us, the most extraordinary thing in the world, poor Brian now finds himself barking for many minutes before we put food in his bowl.

Your nightly routine is pretty simple. We wash you, apply a lot of lotion on your eczema prone skin, put on your footed pj, feed you one last time and you quickly fall asleep on the bed while your dad and I play UNO on the mattress. After, I delicately transfer you in your crib. It is now 8:00pm.

Alice, you should also know that this adventure would not be the same without the support that I get from many amazing women...most of them we never met in person. However, their impact on our day to day life is enormous and we should forever be grateful for their generous commitment. Thank you so much blog friends!

I'm so lucky to have a year long paid maternity leave but I have a scoop for you Alice. Your dad and I have being talking and I'm happy to tell you I will take an extra 6 months at the end of my maternity leave. Consequently, you will start day care at 18 months. This news fills my heart with so much joy!

To many adventures,

Mom xox

p.s. I still stare at you when you sleep!

* * * * *

To avoid a forever long post, I will answer all your helpful comments about baby food (and other posts) in my next post...and there will be a giveaway to celebrate Alice's 6 month birthday :)


shanon said...

I love staring at my babe while he sleeps. The day I put him in his stroller facing out towards the world, instead of up at me, I cried. At first I said "oh my gosh, I could cry" and I laughed. Then I actually did just start crying, embracing the fact that it did really make me sad.

Happy 6 months in the world baby!

emily said...

ooh, happy birthday, alice!
i love reading about how you spend your day (and it is encouragement to me to get on out there with ramona and inspiration for a blog post of my own about that!)

how young was she when you started doing classes and the such with her?

and 18 months! now that is just terrific. i am so so so happy for you.

dear olive said...

Happy 6 months to your little Alice! Kellie xx

Daniela said...

Congratuletions lovely Alice!!!! It somehow feels like I know you both. Thank you Claudia for sharing all these moments with us! It's great seeing you both grow :)

courtney said...

Happy 6 months, Alice! I want to squeeze those sweet cheeks of yours. :) xoxo

And 18 months? Needless to say, I'm incredibly jealous.

sara-ananda said...

God, this post made me feel like a terrible mother! I am (a little) joking.

Not shed a tear yet? It's unbelievable!
My little baby was crying real tears at 2 weeks old. And almost every day since :(

(Needless to say that 18 months without day care would not make me jealous one bit. But I am super super happy for you!!!)

Jennifer said...

I stare at Gaius when he sleeps too -- I swear it's the only time he's still!

Oh and I adore the onesie Alice is sporing in this post! We're all about the stripes in this family :)

one claire day said...

Happy half birthday gorgeous Alice!

You look delightful in that stripey number and it sounds like you are starting to show some real personality! It's lovely to watch you grow :)


Anna of The Analog House said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog! I just had a baby (now almost 2 months), so it's great to read about your experiences with Alice. I have to say that I am still daunted about bathing my baby, so I only do it 2 or 3 times a week! Any tips? I used to live in Montreal, and am jealous of your mat. leave! Mu husband's Canadian, so maybe we'll have our next one up there!