Thursday 29 September 2011

Alice is hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Alice is hosting a little giveaway to celebrate her 6 month birthday!

It is also a chance for me to thank you all for following my motherhood adventures and to be so generous with your advice. I can't thank you enough!

Alice and I decided that it would be awesome to giveaway a custom name print from my talented new friend and soon to be mother Bess from English Muffin. Alice really enjoys her own custom name print that will be on her nursery's soon as I have a ride to IKEA to buy a "Ribba" frame.

Bess will create a unique design using the letters from your child's name (or the person of your choice!) and the corresponding animals from her adorable animal alphabet poster. You can choose 2 colors for your design and provide some information as to the feeling you would like your design to have (bright, fun, colorful, muted, pastel, soft & sweet, etc...).

To have a chance to win, simply leave me a comment at the end of this post, until October 7th (it is next Friday) at 5:20pm - Montreal time (Alice was born at 5:20pm)...but there is one little catch (if you want)! You have to tell me one of your accomplishments as a mother...or if you don't have kids, as a woman. Don't over think it, most of the time, the simplest things have the greatest impact.

But you can also just say hi ;)

* * * * *

clairsy: Baby led weaning is totally new to me. I think that it is not in Canada yet. I like the idea of doing a similar approach but with the puree and also add some pieces of food. Looking at the blocks in my freezer makes me all much colors!

mjb: A lot of people told me that sweet potato is a winner with babies. Don't judge me but I never cooked sweet potatoes until last week. I'm still reading about baby led weaning since it is very new to me. I must admit that I'm a bit afraid.

lola: Very interesting! I didn't know about saturated fat, choline, natural iron, fermented foods and omega 3. I don't even know where I can buy fermented cod liver oil!!! Oups, the links are not working.

little gray pixel: Alexa is so freakin cute! Wow, she had so many different types of food. This is so cool! I love that you said that Alice will guide me. Pretty nice.

taryn: I'm planning to do a mix of purees and baby-led weaning since it made sense to me and I feel comfortable doing that. I will totally get the little mesh thing. This should be fun. I'm also excited for cute photo :)

montague: Where was I? Everybody knows about baby led weaning except me!

emily: I also love the idea of exploring food by picking up, feeling, tasting, smelling...and smearing all over the place but the more I think about it the more I realized that I'm not totally comfortable with the idea...I'm too chicken at the moment but maybe things will change.

julie alvarez: It is a super concept but since it is totally new to me I still have to process the "what? the baby won't choke?" thing. But so many people did it and it looks like a very fun experience. Maybe I just need a bit of time to adjust.

190.arch: Thank you so much about the information concerning the iron reserve. Very interesting. Oh, yes, I would also enjoy good food if I was in Italy! I did what you told me and this morning, she played with her spoon and empty bowl. It was fun to watch! Take care.

hoola tallulah: Wow, you are such an awesome mom. I have to tell you that I totally admire you :) You rock!!! I don't know if girls have better dexterity. Maybe I should investigate a bit :) Thank you for the book information. I will try to find it at the library this weekend.

ingrid: I agree. Plain grains look so boring! Why do you always start with carrots? Are carrots that cool?

erstwhiledear: This is awesome. I would love to take a photography class. It is one of my dreams. You are lucky :)

jamie: Let me know how it works...when you start.

lina: Thank you for the pear info. Hard poop sucks ;) The red bell pepper was part of the menu created by the community centre.

kara: I would love mashed avocado...with shrimps...but just for me ;) Annie's mac-n-cheese is a very good option!

kim u: Why is everything so different! Each person has a theory! Oh yes, I will totally make butternut squash puree. There is a infant/child first aid course at the community centre. I will see if it is available next week. I'm actually curious about the poop.

rita: I actually love to make puree for Alice. I will try to find Super Baby Food at the library. Wow, you made your own cereal. You are pretty intense :)

janet: I'm just like you. I think that I will do a mix of puree-cereal and baby led weaning. I'm also afraid of choking...and the mess. I didn't know that you are a teacher...just like my parents. When I was still living with my them, they would often talk about neglected kids and it would always break my heart. This video is awesome since it tells an important message and is beautiful to look at.

lin: The cantaloupe was cooked before we made the puree. And the banana/pineapple was simply blended together. No lemon juice or anything.

daniela: Avocado rocks!

lara kasabian: I don't know what your boyfriend said but I have the feeling that he is right! Well, you have 2 options: you can use a breast pump (I don't like it but I do it anyway) or you can do it manually. I always have the feeling that I'm a cow when I do that!

newbiedad: Hi dude :)

m: I will try not to get discouraged. It is just that I so want her to love me! But it doesn't work like that! We also have to give vitamin-d supplement.

one claire day: We often forget how smart babies are. This is why I like so much this little video.

dear olive: Welcome Kellie. Ah, Claire is the best. She is so amazing. xox

oscarlucinda: Thank you so much! The workshop was so fun that my friend and I decided to go again next week.

the franglaise: I would have reacted just like you :) Now, I should get the hungry catapillar is a classic!

kristin: Why is it going to be easier to raise a bilingual child in Switzerland? I'm curious!

shanon: I would react just like you. The only difference, with my stroller, Alice is always facing out towards the world. One less thing to cry about ;)


Andrea said...

These are beautiful I'd love to win one. Although then I'd just have to buy two more so all my kids could have one. Haha oh well it would be money well spent. And since we are building our first home right now it would be so fun to put them in their new rooms.

Janet said...

I remembered you saying that your parents were teachers, so I figured that you'd understand!

Thanks for this giveaway! I'd have to say my greatest accomplishment as a mom--thinking quickly--is the fact that I've breastfed exclusively these past (almost) six months. So everything she's ever eaten or drank came from me! I'm lucky enough that I had a pretty easy time doing it, but it still has been a lot of work/missed sleep/etc. I love it, though. Juno turns 6 months on October 9 (7:39 pm) and we're going to try cereal this weekend.

I remember that I found your blog right before she was born. Right around the time Alice was born, I guess. I was really ready to give birth (Juno was 12 days late!) and I remember envying you. :)

Hoola Tallulah said...

What a wonderful giveaway, thanks so much and happy 6 month birthday to the lovely Miss Alice <3

My best achievement as a mother - I've never thought about this before...may I should have? My most overriding feeling is this. I had my kids young, I was a single mother for a long time - I was terrified I would be an awful mum and raise wild children, I was afraid I would do it all wrong. I don't think I did it ALL right, but for the most part, I did it good. My kids are happy, balanced and well mannered, and only a tiny bit wild, sometimes, when they've had too much chocolate :) So for me, my greatest achievement as a parent is that I survived and raised some beautiful and decent kids - and I'm still learning. Oh so much!

Unknown said...

hmm...I feel like my patience is growing (of course, saying that will probably mean it'll be tested this weekend).

PS I LOVE those drawings.

Cal's mum said...

Happy 6 month birthday, hope the next 6 months are even more fun!

Unknown said...

happy birthday, alice! thanks for the giveaway chance, i've loved those posters since i first saw them. and i've enjoying following your journey as a new mother...i'm just two months ahead of you and we're on the same wavelength on so many issues. so i'd like to say that my biggest accomplishment is just BEING a mother! it's so different then i expected, but it's teaching me so much and i love every second!

Anonymous said...

Accomplishment as a woman in a relationship is to be able to cook mexican food for my boyfriend. That's the first thing that come to my mind maybe because of the amazing smile on his face when we eat burritos together :)
Great giveaway ! Thank you !
... about that milk story, pumps, cows etc.. OMG. I called my man silly when picturing dramatic scenes about me, babies and breast feeding... Hope to be a fearless mom!

sara-ananda said...

Happy 6 months birthday Alice!

I don't know if I'll enter this give away because I can not find something I can call "accomplishment" in my journey of being a mother. I guess I could say breastfeeding, but again I sometimes give a bottle ;) Or maybe staying strong at the hospital after my son's birth. But would I call it an accomplishment? No.

Alright, maybe I could say this: I am proud of me, as a mom, for letting my son become more and more independent everyday. I know "independence" in infants is not something very common, haha, but it is a beautiful thing to give to your child, to let him discover his possibilities "on his own" (well, not really but you see what I mean).
My biggest accomplishment is simply the accomplishments of my son, as his own (little) man.
He is resourceful and I am SO proud he has this quality!

Anyways, on a TOTAL different subject: I also need to go to Ikea and buy a couple of things! And I don't have a car either! Carpool???

Eliina said...

My 3 month old Alice says happy birthday to your 6 month old Alice! I think that overcoming some breastfeeding problems is my greatest accomplishment as a mother so far. It would have been easy to just give up, but we are sticking with it.

Courtney said...

Hi! My little baby Brady would love his name in greens. In the three and a half months since he was born I think my greatest accomplishment as his mother (wow its still so new and beautiful to say) has been accepting the help friends and family have been offering. Letting go and holding on.

A Loopy Life said...

6.5 month Harvey says happy 6 months, Alice! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

shanon said...

What a cool giveaway! I really love the little animals. =)

My Graham is turning 6 months old on Sunday. I remembering finding your photos on Flickr around the time he was pretty "new" still, and they inspired me to find the time to take more photos of him.

My greatest accomplishment so far has been that I've become incredibly patient. I don't know if I even should say it's an accomplishment, since for some magic reason it has come naturally with him, but I'm impatient about everything else in life so it is very notable at least! =)

Melanie said...

Oliver is only 4 months old - so my biggest accomplishment thus far has been keeping him alive and keeping my sanity

Lydia said...

My son is 4 years old and I'm expecting my second baby in a few months. My greatest accomplishment as a mother is maintaining patience and calmness...every day. By the end of the day this is especially challenging, particularly at bedtime when my son will not stay in his bed at all and will think of any excuse to get up. Some days I suck at being patient. But I'm getting better at it everyday, and this is a good thing because when this second baby arrives life will be pretty crazy.

roberta jane said...

Happy 6-month birthday, Alice!

Fun giveaway! I think my biggest accomplishment so far is simply loving W with every bit of my body and soul. The past 2 1/2 months have been so wild, exciting and challenging - I feel like I have embraced it all wholeheartedly!

Vanessa said...

Happy birthday sweet Alice! You are a beautiful baby!

One of my accomplishes is having made the most of every single moment with Eden. I made myself committ to "no regrets". For example, I don't feel bad when I say things like, "Never mind the sink full of dishes, today is going to be about Eden." 6 months later I can say that, yes, I would love to hold that squishy little newborn again, but I know that did everything I could to take in everything about her at that stage.

Shannah said...

6 months! What a special time:) Looking back, I think this was one of my favorite ages of my two kiddos. Definitely better than preteen and teen years!

Love the name prints- great baby shower gift.

One of my accomplishments as a mother... finding strength and love I never knew I had.

Jennifer said...

My greatest accomplishment as a mother? That's easy: Keeping him alive for 10.5 months! Ok, maybe keeping all three of us alive!

Being that Guy wasn't planned and I wasn't even sure if I ever wanted children, being a mother has been a trial. It's true that you really do love your kid ever than you thought possible.

I've decided that I'm going to keep him ;)

one claire day said...

Oh this is so cute! What a clever friend you have!

hmmm... my biggest accomplishment so far as a mother is... just knowing I can always provide comfort and security for Eulalie.

Clairsy said...

Ooh, would love to be in the running! Happy birthday little Miss Alice.
Ehm.. I won't be a mum for another month or so, so my greatest accomplishment as a woman?
Crap.. I'm not sure. My education, my career, my travels, and my relationships with the lovely people I surround myself with: family, friends and my beautiful husband. Gah, sounds lame : )

emily said...

happy half birthday, alice!

my favorite accomplishment as a mama is being ramona's whole world -- the only person she really needs and the one w the magic touch to soothe her.

Kara said...

ohhh - I'd love one of these for Emelia! she is nearly a year and 1/2, and seeing what a smart, funny, mellow, well-adjusted, curious little girl she is makes me realize that I've done a pretty fantastic job of being a Mom. I can get her to eat when she's picky (without forcing), mellow when she's going into toddler meltdown (by putting anything on my head as a hat - the weirder the better), and make sure that every day is filled with giggles and kisses. May sound cheesy, but a happy toddler feels like a pretty important accomplishment to me.

luke and pamela said...

these are great, and happy half birthday to alice! these babies are growing so fast!!!

i am always amazed that my babies are healthy and happy and thriving and growing. i never held a baby or changed a diaper before having my own and at least once every day i look at them and am in shock that they are here and that i am their mother.

Anonymous said...

my greatest accomplishment so far, 2.5 months in, is embracing my new chaotic status of shambling into events, late, not looking so cute, a little bit harried, but happy to be there. It's a totally new state to me, but I'm slowly getting it!e

ClaireMcV said...

Love these prints. Happy 6 months to Alice, and congratulations on your beautiful little girl. I can't think of any accomplishments, just to say that it keeps getting better. Wait till she starts talking! The fun is endless...

blb said...

Hi there from Ottawa. I am currently pregnant with our first, a little girl due in January. This name sign would be perfect for her room.

As far as greatest accomplishment, I think that perhaps it was choosing to follow my heart instead of what everyone else expected of me. It was the best- though most difficult- decision I have ever made. But it has a very happy conclusion, so yay!!!!

Kerstin said...

Oh, I'd love to win such a print, so very pretty! I think my biggest achievement as a mother is that I have happy, giggling children. And my biggest achievement as a woman is that I still am myself. I make time to go to yoga class, quilt and sew. Sounds selfish, I know. My husband and my sons are my ones, but not my only ones...

MOJIE said...

These prints are gorgeous! I love them. However, even if I don't win I'll always come here to read about you and sweet Alice!!

taryn said...

Those are lovely. Luke has absolutely nothing like this so it'd be neat to win. My biggest accomplishment - hard to say - but I guess it would just be how I've handled it all by myself. I think we're both doing pretty great!

Heather Mead Kim said...

Happy birthday, Alice!! I think breastfeeding and generally getting over the FEAR of not knowing what to do with (how to care for) a new baby was a huge accomplishment. So much of it did come naturally and the rest worked itself out over time. And oh yeah, getting through the million little phases of the first year was pretty huge for me too. (My son will be 1 year old on Saturday, Oct. 8th!)

Patsy said...

Getting pregnant. It took so long and was filled with such heartache. I am now almost 9 weeks along and could not be happier!

Tibi said...

I like to say that there is no better accomplish as a mother rather than see both of my daughters happy. I believe that question must be answered by them… but not now please! Let’s wait for some maturity from them to get a better spiritual answer!!

Thanks for offering a giveaway, I hope win it! ;)


Kim U said...

Hm, one accomplishment? If I had to pick one, I'd say learning (with varying degrees of success) how to function on less than 8 hours of continuous sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Chère Claudia,
Mon plus grand accomplissement comme MÈRE est d'avoir donné naissance à une fille comme toi, de t'aimer inconditionnellement, de te donner le meilleur de moi-même et d'avoir toujours cru en toi! C'était tout un menu mais j'ai réussi quelqu'un d'extraordinaire: TOI! Voir ma petite-fille Alice se développer à chaque jour avec tes bons soins et surtout ton amour est maintenant un cadeau du ciel!!!
En tant que FEMME, un accomplissement dont je suis fière présentement est d'apprendre l'anglais et de lire quotidiennement ton blogue avec le dictionnaire dans les mains! Je fais sérieusement du progrès!
Si je gagne ton "giveaway", je le donnerai à un enfant que j'aide en tutorat si on ne t'accuse pas de collusion ou corruption!!!(joke)
Je t'aime

Melissa said...

I think becoming a mother in the first place is an accomplishment in itself! But along with creating a life, I would have to say that I've taken multitasking to a new level! I never thought I could get so much done (of course with still so much to do - darn laundry piles!) in the time I am given!

ines said...

My greatest accomplishment as a mother would have to be that I have three children, a four year old, a two year old and a three week old and with the exception of my newest little (because she is so new), my boys are very happy, imaginative, sensitive, polite, curious and funny little guys. I like to think I have had a hand in helping develop that.

Rebecca said...

Oh, such a cute nursery art idea! Love it!
My accomplishment? Right at this moment in my life with a 12 week old - i feel proud of myself just getting up everyday and doing it all over again! Just one day at a time :)

bugheart said...

oh poo
i missed
the deadline...
just catching up
such cute

The Franglaise said...

pooh pooh, I missed the deadline. bummer! maybe alice will host another giveaway on her 1st birthday! ;) Bisous