Friday 30 September 2011

Alice and Jean Paul

Friday, we went to an extraordinary exhibit. I really don't consider myself a fashionista (c'mon, I realized that I have matching shoes with my daughter) but the work of Jean Paul Gaultier always amazed me...especially after taking sewing classes with a teacher that could see the designer's master pieces in his soup!

We were a bit last minute since the exhibit will end this weekend (so many people) but I could not miss the opportunity to see The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

When I woke up that morning, I had my doubts on the success of this activity. I bring Alice with me everywhere but is going to an exhibit of this caliber pushing my luck a little too far? It is not like if I can change her dirty diaper between a conical bra that belonged to Madonna and a sexy sailor attire!

People told me that it would be impossible to have my pre-baby life back. They were totally right. Obviously, things are different. Maybe I would have spend more time reading the descriptive texts and I would not have had to hold a 15lb baby on my hips for an hour. However, it is all fine with me.

The exhibit was delightful but the fact that Alice was with me made it a million times better. She had her little Jean Paul Gaultier inspired outfit (black and white stripped onesie) that turned out to get us a lot of attention from many visitors. Since she was not tired, I showed her the exhibit as if she could understand me. I told her about the fabric, the design, the inspiration behind each collection...and I obviously made sure that she did not grab anything in her little hands!

I can't predict the future and focusing on possible "problems" with Alice won't do me any good. It is always smart to be farsighted for stuff like an extra outfit in case of a poop accident or a stroller cover in case of rain but I won't let negative "what ifs..." control my life.

I had a wonderful time and from all the smiles and giggles that Alice made that day she certainly appreciated the exhibit. And as many visitors told us: "You are never too young to visit a museum"...especially when it involves beautiful stripped outfits!

And don't forget my little giveaway!

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emily: I started baby yoga class when Alice was 6 weeks old. We didn't do any class during the summer because there was nothing available. We went to our first swimming class 3 weeks ago. It is all very fun. You sing to Ramona? So cool! I "sing" to Alice but I'm not very good at it ;)

dear olive: Thank you so much!

ally: I also think like that but maybe it is part of the process or something like that.

uk lass in us: Until 12 months old? I didn't know that this could be possible. And how can you not like olives ;)

daniela: Ah, thank you so much. Sometimes, I ask myself if I share too much information about my life but I get so much positive feedback and I honestly really love blogging.

courtney: I'm very (VERY) well aware that I'm super lucky to get 18 months with Alice :)

sara-ananda: Oh non! That was not the point!!! I knew that you would say that (not jealous of my 18 months) and it is perfectly cool...we are all different.

tracey: Thank you so much for the amazing comment. It is wonderful to learn about other women's experience. I must say WOW (10lb 11.5 oz baby) I told a friend who got a big baby : you have an awesome vagina ;)


Giselle said...

great post! love that you took her with and explained everything to her. good job, mama!

Suite Henry said...

I was stunned by how wicked the exhibition was. I was in Montreal for the weekend... And managed to catch it Saturday. I have to admit I thought "oh yeah Claudia from Aux petits oiseaux lives here... I wonder if I'll run into her"

No luck. But I have been enjoying your blog since I found it a few weeks ago.

bugheart said...

i certainly
i can bring
to art

we don't get
to see
Gaultier inspired