Monday 3 October 2011

Cutify challenge

A few weeks ago, the talented lady at Grainline Studio wrote about her autumn wardrobe ambitions. She mentioned in her post a remix challenge initiated by Kendi Everyday. It is pretty simple, you take 30 items and you make 30 outfits.

If you actually look in the Grailine Studio's comment section of that post you will see this:

What I wrote is totally true. I certainly don't fit in my maternity clothes and since I totally embrace my new curves (hello! I have a butt and when you look at my chest you don't confuse me with a 10 year old boy!) most of my pre-baby tops and bottoms are too small.

I will be honest, ever since I gave birth, I don't put much effort into creating cute outfits everyday. Some mothers have challenging mornings but I don't so I have no excuse to neglect my "style". At first, I believed that the 30 for 30 Remix challenge was completely silly. Why make my life complicated when I can just wear the same pair of jean for 2, 3, 4 (you get the concept) days...there might be a bit of baby poop and breast milk on them but this is why dark denim is so awesome!

I opened my closet and remembered that I use to have fun at that dressing up thing. It is so easy to forget about ourself and focus solely on our kids. However, taking some time to "cutify" myself could have a positive impact of my attitude. So I decided to give this challenge a try.

Yes, I admit, I made an Excel spread sheet with the contents of my closet. It is not that bad but I still need to go on a little shopping spree to get a few basic things (8 new items / 30).

This should be a fun exercise, right?

Do you take the time to "cutify" yourself or do you simply embrace the "yoga" clothing lifestyle on a daily basis...not that there is anything wrong with yoga attire?

And don't forget my little giveaway!

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jennifer: How can you not love stripes? It looks good on the entire family ;)

one claire day: So far, Alice is not a curious creature concerning food. We just take it slow.

Giselle: Thank you. Going to the museum with Alice was a lot of fun!


emily said...

I fit in my old tops but only have one pair of pants out of about a dozen that fit me. I shower at night so that getting ready in the AM is easier but still can never find (make) time for makeup. And breast feeding sure puts a damper on the cutest of outfits.

All that to say: I'm trying to be a hot mama and can't wait to see how you do the same (though you sure are cute already!)

Anonymous said...


Internet randomness #1: I totally saw that comment on Jen's post, but didn't connect the dots and realize it was you.. But really, how many Claudia's do I know of?

Internet randomness #2: I'm reading your Montreal blog while sitting in Norway, and Jen is totally a mutual friend from my recent Chicago-days. How funny!

I think a lot of people struggle with putting the effort in to cutifying themselves. I know I do - and I feel like I'm always working on tweaking my wardrobe to make it fit me and my lifestyle and my tastes. The challenge is that any one of those three, and any combination, is always changing, so the wardrobe is never to a point where it's "done", and probably never will be!

Ali said...

Are you on Flickr Claudia? You should join our group, 'The Changing Room'. It's a private space, with pics of what we wear - good for a little constructive critique and there's nothing like tailing a snap of yourself every day for a month to focus the mind on what you really look like!! Let me know if you want an invite. It's small and friendly (bit like you!).

Daniela said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!
BTW, I don't know if you read my answer to your comment about the spoons from RICE? I would love to send you some for Alice :) If you want, you can send me a shipping address and they will be on their way :D

jen said...

It looks like you have many cute clothes from that photo! I have such a hard time getting it together in the morning, I can't imagine doing it with a little one. Yay for you doing the challenge and I LOVE that you made an excel spreadsheet!

bugheart said...

i knew one
had to get
or figure
out new outfits
for pregnancy
but i wasn't
for the fact
that you
can't wear
a lot of your
after birth
of lack of
i need
a wardrobe
remix just
for that reason!

The Franglaise said...

It took me a while after my son's birth before wanting to "dress up" again but as he got older and I had more time to myself, I was getting pleasure in making myself "look pretty" again. Last year, I bought a lot of new clothes because my pre-baby outfits were just not as adapted to my new lifestyle (running around busy bee working mum!). I filled up my closet with lots of jeans and leggins, baggy(-ish) tops (to hide the left-over belly bump) and flat shoes. All of which I wear at work and outside of work (I can't be bothered to have "work" clothes). Recently I've also started to slap on some red lipstick instead of eye make-up because by the end of the day the lip stuff has worn off whereas the eye make-up I had to remove it. I always take the easiest/fastest solution since becoming a mum!

Anne said...

For me, trying to dress well was a need, as soon as I returned home from maternity. It makes me feel good about myself and also towards my partner.
Unfortunately breastfeeding didn't work out for me. My consolation prize is to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy tops. I've had to buy new jeans though, which will hopefully be transitional...

skinny ties said...

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