Sunday 23 October 2011

Alice in zombieland

We met many awesome baby friendly zombies this weekend! Alice especially had fun with a few brain eaters (top picture). We are still alive, Alice's brain is still too small and mine is mushy from too many hours spent using Internet...sadly, Dan didn't make it since he is pretty smart!

Alice was not scared at all of the bloody people but next year she will stay at home with a babysitter while we participate...fully dressed and saying "bbbrrraaaiiiinnnnn"!

photos by a zombie (Montreal Zombie Walk)

Also, I have a little favor to ask those that are using Facebook. Alice and I are participating in a little photo contest so, if you have a minute, could you please please please please vote for my picture (does the link work?). Thank you so much! xox

* * * * *

courtney: It was so funny to look at Dan's face when I made him read the crazy sentence. He was pretty confused!

jamie: We already talked about my post by emails. However, I forgot to tell you that I almost died when I had to put Alice's head under the water for the first time. I'm such chicken!

abby: A little dictionary...
SAHM: stay at home mother
EBF: ecological (or exclusive) breast feeding
AP: attachment parenting
CIO: crying it out
BLW: baby led weaning
EC: elimination communication
CD: cloth diaper

little wild moose: I don't frequent forums and online groups much but sometimes I get comments with acronyms and I feel like an idiot because I don't understand. Jamie had a point. Finding moms with the same "label" makes that you don't have to defend yourself regarding your parenting choices.

roberta jane: It was also my case. I was doing lot of "labels" without knowing that it was actually a "thing". And some acronyms are confusing. For example: EBF can be environmental or exclusive (different sources).

taryn: Swimming lessons are a lot of fun. They are only 30 minutes each time but it is very intense for little babies. Generally, Alice sleeps for 2-3 hours after! However, I don't like the singing part. I don't know the words. I look stupid. Oh, and Alice always pees on me right before the class starts (baby swimming diapers are not made to keep pee inside...only poop)!

shine little light*: Ah, I wrote an extreme example but that was the point (and to be funny).

daniela: I can't wait to read it!


Daniela said...

The first picture! Priceless!!!!

Anne said...
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kate / tinywarbler said...

omg (sorry for the acronym, haha!) this is so great. i love it! do you watch the walking dead? great makeup in it.
i also love your tent! so great. i've been totally wanting a teepee for west coast alice. you ladies will have so much fun in there!