Thursday 20 October 2011

A world of acronyms

note: this is a silly post...not a rant or anything...just stupid me writing !

Why do we put labels on everything...and why each label has an acronym?

I'm French. Do you know how confusing it is for me to understand it all!

So, if you read my blog, you might know that I'm a temporary SAHM into EBF and AP (generally not in favor of CIO) who didn't try yet BLW, who desn't think that EC is very realistic in North America and who feels slightly guilty about not having a CD baby. OMG, WTF with that!?!

Sometimes, I feel like moms are divided into "groups" according to their actions and values. Without realizing it, we compare each other and those "parenting labels" are surely not helping.

Can we just simply say that we are raising our kids with TLC and move on with our life!

Have a lovely, weekend!

note: The pictures are from baby swimming class with Alice and her BFF (LOL)!

* * * * *

oneeyedrabbit: Thank you! It is just difficult especially when you are a new mom and doesn't really know what you are doing.

taryn: We just ordered "The Baby Book". I can't wait to read it.

luke and pamela: I also get a lot of " you are spoiling your baby" looks (they generally don't dare telling me in my face)! !

kara: Alice still sleep in our bedroom but not in our bed after one too many "punching me in the face" incidents ;) Her crib is, however, right next to our bed. So it is wasy, just like you said, to immediately respond. I also don't mind too much.

jamie: I'm so happy to know that you are also doing that. If i have any questions, I will email you :) It is true that attachment parenting can be a rabbit hole but it is cool with me. I just don't like when people judge us for it. I'm so jealous of your AP friendly doctor.

sid: I don't think that my doctor wanted to hurt my feeling or anything. She is actually pretty cool. She doesn't mind co-sleeping and is also pro alternative medicine. The problem is that I'm so new to this mom thing and I'm a bit insecure about my mom instinct choices.

hoola tallulah: I know! Why do people always want to know about baby sleep schedule? Thank you for your comment, c'mon, you have 4 kids so you have way much experience than me. xox

emily: Ah, funny, I also told my post-natal yoga teacher the same things a few months ago : "I don't need a break and I know how to get one if I need teach me yoga!"

bec hem: You are so right. Babies are not mini adults or robots! Let babies be babies...I like that!

tulsiana: It is awesome that you found a pro-attachment parenting specialist. I will see what I can find in Montreal. You are such an awesome mom. I totally admire you :) Take care xox

sara: This is very interesting (the no baby monitor thing). Honestly, I don't even know why we got one since our condo is not that big...and because Alice is still in our room! I'm so happy to know that you can sleep more. Good for you! Yes, I also don't get the bottle of water. Anyway, we tried the bottle with Alice a few times (I will get my wisdom tooth remove next week and I don't know how much time it will take) and she is not in love with it. So with water...I don't think so! Oh, I want to see the adorable stuffed rabbit.

lili: Merci beaucoup!

abby: Thank you and, yes, I also got teary ;)


courtney said...

OMG, WTF? Haaa. Agreed. :)

jamie said...

ok. as the person who who inspired the post i feel the need to defend myself. ha!

of course i would never want to be rivals, and i do respect that everyone makes their own choices. however, labels can be very helpful when seeking out like minded families. again, it is not that i ONLY want to hang out with people who have the same values, but man. if i had to defend myself every time i mentioned that henry sleeps in our bed, or that we are not willing to let him cry it out, or that i don't want to give him cereal just so he will sleep better... well i would be cranky!

and so, it helps to find other "attachment parents". so for example i am a member of a local "AP" yahoo group. and i know it is a safe place to talk about things like delayed vax schedules without harsh criticism. it is our unifying element.

and in the case of alysons post, the fact that henry is exclusively breastfed was very relevent to my choice to not give him solids until he was 6 months old, and so i thought the label was relevant. ;)

and as for the acronyms? honestly i don't like them either.

but hey, as new moms we ALL know the value of time, and damn sometimes typing takes too long!

ok rant over. <3

jamie said...

BTW ;)

adorable pictures.

H (I even shorten his name! i guess i AM into the acronyms?) is starting his swim lessons soon! so excited!)

abby said...

TIL! (Okay I totally made that up) This Is Hilarious! I don't know what 70% of them mean. Could you translate please? :)

I like your message here though, and totally agree. Both in terms of parenting, and in life in general.

little wild moose said...

I don't like the acronyms either, although I don't frequent forums and online groups much, so I rarely have to use them.

But I do agree with Jamie, as mentioned above, how it makes it easier to find likeminded people so you are not constantly having to defend yourself regarding your parenting choices. And to get advice from other Mums that is on the same page as you.

The photos of you and Alice are great! I can't wait to take Everly swimming this summer! :)

roberta jane said...

I agree with you although I see Jamie's side too. I feel like I am a well-educated first time parent and I still don't know what half of those acronyms mean and I am partaking in most of them without knowing the label name (e.g. EBF). After reading Jamie's comment I had to go google what vax schedule meant! Haha!

taryn said...

Haha, this is good. I don't get the acronym thing either, but I guess maybe I just don't use the terminology often enough that I need to abbreviate it? I find the "group" thing a bit frustrating at times (most of the time!), but it can be good. Like Jamie said, it's nice to have a network of people who share your views. And, at times, to discuss different viewpoints too. But I definitely agree, TLC is the most important part!

Aren't swimming lessons so fun? Did Alice love it?

shine little light* said...

errrrr I ONLY speak English and I only know SAHM out of ALL of those ha! *s*

Daniela said...

Post coming up, inspired by this very conversation!
BTW: spoons on their way! <3

Gemma Wilson said...

Beautiful pictures