Tuesday 6 December 2011

Lovely Holidays Ideas - n.3

I decided to write quick little posts about the Holidays. They are mostly for me because I still have "new mom memory problems" and it is driving me crazy. So no personal picture, no blah blah blah, just an idea (in words or in images) !

Idea n.3 from the amazing Lina
(take a look at her lovely blog for more Christmas ideas)

"Mix of all the above ingredients with 2 cups of water and a cup of apple juice in a saucepan. Gently simmer over a low heat for a few hours, making sure that the liquid doesn't evaporate. Once you're done, remove from the heat, let it cool and you can keep it in the refrigerator and re-use it again a few times. There really is no exact recipe, it's just trial and error...you could use cranberry juice, oranges, clementines, add a few sprigs of evergreen...whatever takes your fancy."

This easy Christmas simmer pot could definitely help me feel a bit more Christmassy (I want snow...not rain, rain and more rain)!

More recipes here.

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vanessa - lynn david handbag co.: We will get our tree next weekend and I must admit that I don't know what will happen with our curious baby. I will let know how it goes ;)

daniela: Your first Christmas tree ever??? This is so exciting (I'm totally excited for you since it is my favorite part)! I want to see pictures. The 4 gifts idea is also for Dan and I...not just for Alice.

lina: We don't have too much Christmassy clutter. However, it is like that because our cat loves to breaks small objects like ornaments or any cute Christmas items that he could push on the floor.


Lina said...

I am burning this right now in an attempt to get rid of the smell of last night's supper....!

jen said...

I've never heard of a simmer pot, sounds intriguing! Knowing me I'd forget about it on the top of the stove and it would turn into the smell of burning saucepan though, haha