Tuesday 6 December 2011

Like mother like daughter

Last weekend, with Alice comfortably installed in her baby carrier, we went to Smart Design Mart.

Luckily for me, Christmas came early since I received a beautiful necklace from Judy. She is an Internet / baby puree workshop friend and happens to make super stylish lasercut jewelry. She was the one who invited me to Smart Design Mart. Therefore, she is also responsible for screwing up our gift budget ;)

Like mother like daughter, Dan got a cute pair of fox leggings for Alice and, also from Supayana, a dress for me...with a fox illustration printed on the fabric. Since the dress is a Christmas present, I can't take a picture but here is a link if you are curious.

However, I had a chance to snap a quick picture of Alice's little forest critters leggings while she was trying to reach the dog food bowls (for the hundred time today!!!).

* * * * *

lina: I think that your little recipe will be a new tradition in our home :) Thank you so much!

jen: There are many recipies (like for each seasons) but, you are right, I'm also the kind of person that would forget it on the top of the stove.

kim u: OMG, you went to Japan with a toddler. You need to write a post or something about it. I would love, love, love to know all about your trip. Going to Japan is at the top of our list but I didn't think that it would be possible with a kid. I must admit that it is a bit bizarre (taking pictures of a blond kid) but at least they were nice! "Our" homeless people are also very interested in our dog!


Janet said...

Oh my god, what is the obsession with the dog bowls? I must drag Juno away from Oliver's bowls twenty-five times a day! So funny that Alice is doing the same.

Daniela said...

Oh my... they are super adorable!!!

taryn said...

those pants!