Thursday 29 March 2012

All over again

A year ago, at 3am, Alice decided to start a new journey...resulting in the purchase of a new amniotic fluid free mattress! My childbirth was not a lovely walk in the park and I'm definitely not one of those women who managed to give birth on the backseat of a taxi cab after having contractions for a grand total of 35 minutes. For a few hours, I didn't have any contractions but as soon as they started it was a real pain in the (so many options) know what I mean.

So, is it normal that I would love to give birth to Alice all over again (and here I'm not talking about giving birth to a second child)?

Yes, you read correctly! If it was possible, I would be over the moon if I could live those few intense hours again.

Last week, I went to see my regular gynecologist who did my first echography when I was 6 weeks pregnant. He asked me how my labor went. Without hesitation, I told him in a very enthusiastic voice that even if giving birth to Alice implied a great deal of pain the experience was totally awesome and when I think about it I have shivers of excitement. The look on his face made me realized that probably not that many women have a similar wish. Yes, I'm a freak!

As a teenager, I religiously watched Gilmore Girls. Many years later, I remembered 3 major things about that show:
1) They were talking too fast for viewers who were learning English as a second language (aka me).
2) Rory and Lorelai had wardrobes that didn't fit their budget (especially the last few seasons).
3) Lorelai wakes up Rory every year at 4:03am, the day that she was born, to tell her the story of her birth.

Since I can't re-live Alice's birth, I will, just like Lorelai, tell Alice the story of her birth every year at the same time (5:20pm). It will be our little (and pain free for me) tradition.

Now, can I at least eat some ice chips ;)

Happy Birthday Alice. I love you more everyday.

* * * * *

kimu: Slowly, I will find a "fairly firm" pillow for Alice. There is no rush but it is good to know.

vanessa at lynn david: It seems that we often have great timing regarding baby stuff :) Isn't it cute when they put their little head on the pillow.

jacinthe: Ah ouin! Chez IKEA. Facile :)

tjremp: I'm happy that you like my little blog. Take care xox

daniela: Oh, you people in Norway are so awesome (totally jealous here). I have images of babies with adorable duvet in their crib!!!

emily: At the moment, Alice sleeps with a baby sleeping bag but soon it will be too warm. I think that we will start using a light blanket (or a light quilt) for her crib. At her age, just like you, I'm not too worried about a blanket in her crib.

señorita puri: They are all so pretty. I can't wait to make one, similar to this style, for Alice.

oscarlucinda: Yes, it was fun :) xox


Lin said...

Happy Birthday Alice! And congrats Claudia on making it through the first year!

I do understand what you mean about going through it again. Perhaps if we could do that we would cherish it more because we know the beautiful person who we are going to meet, and that they are worth that pain and discomfort.

Enjoy your beautiful girl's birthday!

Paula Kiliclar said...

Happy Birthday Alice, mommy and daddy. Hope Alice enjoys her day very much.

Ulla V. said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little Alice. I like the birthday tradition you are going to make for her. :)

XX Ulla

I hope that you soon (and finally) have recived the envelope I sent you. I'm a bit late at everything these days.

kimu said...

Happy birthday to Alice and to her mum & dad too!

Anonymous said...

Happe Birthday Alice.
Congratulations to your parents too! ;)


Bess Callard said...

Awwww! The sweetest post ever :) I would give birth to Eddie all over again too - that whole experience, those first few breaths - incredible!! I hope you guys have a great day and that Alice enjoys hearing the story of her birth. xox

luke and pamela said...

happy birthday alice, and happy birth-day to you, beautiful mama of hers. i can't believe she is a year old already!

Sandra said...

Wow where did the year go?!? Happy birthday Alice. And thank you Claudia for your wonderful and helpful blog.
And I get it. Although I didn't get to have Finn how I planned I would do it again.
I think I will share with him his birthday story every year as well. It sounds like something special to share with him.

gillian said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Alice!
I think it is a wonderful tradition you are planning to keep, Claudia. I still must sit down an pen Mia's birth story (and it's nearly a year later already!) I share your sentiment about going through the birthing experience again if It means reliving that beautiful moment again. Congratulations on your first year of motherhood; I look forward to reading all about year #2!

oscarlucinda said...

One of my favourite posts on your blog...and such a sweet, sweet tradition. It's making me feel all giddy thinking about Saskia's birth and that first moment of meeting her.

Happy birthday dear Alice and happy 1 year anniversary of becoming a mama, Claudia x

Su said...

Aww. The Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show as it reminds me of me and my mom (though we don't talk that quickly!). I think that's an amazing tradition to start and seriously how has it been a year already?! Happy Birthday to your baby girl. xo

PJ said...

Happy birthday, Alice! I can't believe a year has gone by already. Claudia, these babies are growing up too quickly, don't you think?

kt said...

I agree! I loved my whole pregnancy and Marion's birth was amazing. Can't believe you've had that sweet girl for a year! Congratulations!