Monday 2 April 2012

week 1 - the yellow birthday balloon

I love Alice to the moon and back but I realized that the number of baby pictures that I take slowly decreases with time. I'm aware that I probably have more pictures than the average mom but the average mom might not have a "fancy" camera available to fulfill her need to document her child's fascinating life, ah!

Now that we celebrated Alice's first birthday, I will embark on a little photographic weekly journey...into toddlerhood!!

Simple, everyday stuff.

* * * * *

linda: Thank you so munch. You are so right (we would cherish it more because we know the beautiful person who we are going to meet).

paula kiliclar: Thank you. Her birthday was great (I will post about it soon).

ulla v.: I also like the idea of a birthday tradition. Thank you again for the pattern. xox

kimu: Thank you :)

anonymous: Thank you Tibi.

bess callard: Hey, you never wrote your birth story!!! I love to read birth stories :)

luke and pamela: Ah, thank you so much. You are so nice. xox

sandra: I know! Where did the year go? Hello, I have a toddler now!!!

gillian: Birth story birth story birth story :) I want to read your birth story!

oscarlucinda: Thank you. I didn't know that Gilmore Girls would influence me as a mom, ah!

su: Gilmore Girls was awesome...but not the last season and lets not even talk about the end!

anonymous: Thank you so much for all the information. I love to get different point of views when I ask a question on my blog :)

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courtney said...

Happy birthday to Alice! I take fewer pictures now too. And many of the ones I do take are with my phone. Hope all is well with you guys! xo