Tuesday 3 April 2012

How to build front facing book shelves

Step 1: take a look at your DIY options on Pinterest (search "front facing book shelves")

Step 2: figure out what you want to do

back piece is 3/4" by 5.5"
bottom piece is 3/4" by +/- 4.5" (see note)
front piece is 3/4" by 1.5"
shelf is 20" long

Step 3 : go to the hardware store to get the material (wood, glue, screws, paint, etc.)

Step 4: feel like an super mom because you are doing "woodwork" for your kid's room

Step 5: spend way to much time creating a pretty book layout (add some toys...'cause it's cute)

Step 6: look at your carefully selected board books getting beat up by your kid as she pleases (Alice can easily reach the bottom shelf so those books are in big trouble!!!)

Step 7: Enjoy...you are awesome!

note: the measurements include all 3 pieces of wood (2 verticals and 1 horizontal)

* * * * *

courtney: Thank you! Everything is great and life is good :)

pj: You are so right. How can this be possible that!?! Time sure flies "sigh"


Paula Kiliclar said...

Supermom indeed! It looks great. I love Alice's room. She is very lucky

sew nancy said...

The shelves look great. Nice work Mama.
I would love to know where the art above the dresser comes from.
Hapoy Birthday Alice

Red Boots said...

This is beautiful! Well done!

And can I ask, where did you get the pretty little doll on the shelf?

thejadeleaf said...

Love it! x