Tuesday 10 April 2012

Alice's birthday "party"

Until about a month before Alice's birthday, I was mostly against the idea of having a "party" for her...a "party" with many people (young and old), a cake with icing that will end up all over her body, the dilemma regarding presents (I don't want people to feel obligated to buy a present) and the stress of a potential crying party girl (Alice pretty much never cries but this type of event could be a wonderful opportunity for her very first screaming fit).

I don't really know why I changed my mind but I figured that there are certain things that can only be done once in a lifetime and Alice's first birthday is one of those.

I kept things pretty simple even if I would have enjoyed a complete petting zoo in my small living room, ah! Seriously, we had a table with snacks, a lovely bouquet of tulips, 12 yellow balloons, a reading corner with board books, fabric garlands, floor cushions, a "photo booth" activity, toys to entertain the kids and a grand total of 19 people (3 babies, 3 toddlers and 13 adults).

And it was a success!

My conclusion for a stress free young kiddo party:
keep it short (less than 2 hours)
keep it simple
keep the guest list kid friendly (Alice sees these people frequently and enjoys their company)

I can't believe I now have a toddler!

* * * * *

lina: It is such a funny museum! I must go again with some friends. My dad also told me good things about the museum of civilization in Ottawa and the science museum in Toronto (I actually visited both but it was many many many years ago).

kt: Vikings rocks! When we were in Iceland we were totally amazed by Vikings (at the museum...hihihi). This Viking Museum in Oslo absolutely on my list.

ani castillo: Wow, you are a loyal reader :) Thank you so much. You are right, museums can be pretty expensive. And just like you, I believe that even if they only remember the fat squirrels, there must be some neuronal connections or something like that. Now, I will take a look at your blog. xox

kimu: The good things with zoos and aquariums (and museums with kid oriented exhibits) is that I would go anyway because I love those kind of things. Thankfully, my husband is just like me :)


Di said...

Happy Birthday Alice - can't believe you are 1 already! It looks like a lovely party!

paula kiliclar said...

A must have - photo of baby eating their birthday cake :)

I agree with simple birthday parties. My SIL had 40 people and it was a nightmare!

little wild moose said...

Happy 1st birthday Alice! It looks like everyone had fun at the party! Great idea keeping it simple. Will keep it in mind for Everly's 1st birthday party in June. x

Pauper said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Alice!!

Claudia--thanks so much for your comment on my sadly-neglected blog! I've been meaning to post for ages and never seem to get around to it anymore. I love stopping by your space though to see how you're keeping :) Best wishes! xoxo

Ani Castillo said...

My theory is that 1 year old parties are more for the parents than for the babies. And I think that's pretty wonderful! The day a baby is born a mom is born as a mom and a dad is born as a dad and the anniversary is worth it's own celebration!

I also think those parties are to celebrate having a little person with us and feeling happy and grateful about them :)

Anonymous said...

How did you set p the "photo booth"?