Thursday 12 April 2012

Kitten Approved Activities

Over the past few weeks, I realized that toddlers are indeed like sponges because they absorb everything that they see. It it at the same time fascinating and a bit scary.

When I decided to become a stay at home mom, I knew that I would have to turn myself into a "daycare worker" and find ways to educate and entertain my daughter while, at the same time, giving her the opportunity to discover the world freely and at her own rhythm. Easier said than done for somebody who has zero experience with toddlers.

Thank God for Internet and the library!

Since there are maybe other moms in that situation, I will regularly post Kitten (aka Alice) Approved Activities that were a success in our home.

The eggs "dedans" the carton

Alice's first word was "dedans" (inside) and it also became her favorite activity. It started with putting her wooden blocks "dedans" a plastic bin. To add a bit more challenge, I got her a set of beautiful wooden eggs (also good for her future "kitchen", a spring Montessori style nature table...oh, the possibilities!) and cut in half an empty egg carton that was in our recycle bin (with an awesome chicken on the lid).

Basically, I gave Alice the eggs and the empty carton and let her try to fill each compartment. Simple but an instant hit with my little lady.

* * * * *

di: It was (I think) a lovely party!

paula kiliclar: Eating...well, maybe not but playing with it, oh yes.

little wild moose: And by keeping it simple you actually have time to enjoy the day with your baby, your husband and your friends.

pauper: I just saw that you posted on your "sadly-neglected blog". I was so happy to know there was still a little baby on its way. Take care xox

ani castillo: Absolutely right! We also called it the "We survived one year with a baby" party and "I got stitches on my vagina one year ago" celebration ;)


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