Sunday 22 April 2012

week 3 - kiss me (and a "spring cure")

Over the past few months, I wrote on my baby blog, I read baby books, I watched baby documentaries, I took baby (swimming, massage, yoga, herbalism, etc.) classes, I bookmarked baby activities and projects...

I'm surrounded by a group of awesome mom friends who enjoy drinking coffee while chatting stuff (well, not all the time).

Also, when I talk to my family, I get to repeat over and over again the same "baby record" because even if babies evolve at a fast rhythm, they generally don't change that much in 24 hours!

No wonder that sometimes my head spins and all I can think is baby-baby-baby!

So I thought about a friend of mine who goes to a "silence retreat" at a monastery to "recenter himself". Baby and monastery retreat would not go well together and I'm not at all looking to isolate myself from Alice or my husband. However, I could create settings that will help me get centered physiologically and physically.

This is my plan for the next 4 weeks:

Finishing spring cleaning 
(a clutter free home is less stressful)

Limiting social activities to a minimum

Cleaning up my social media
(no need to follow a gazillion blogs or Facebook friends)

Cutting to a minimum my use of "screen" technology
(Screen-Free Week anybody?)

Reading a book that is not baby related
(any suggestion?)

Sewing for me and for Alice

Taking one 30 minute walk each day with Alice

Doing a small yoga session each day

Drinking 8 glasses of water each day

Following the Canadian Food Guide
(and hopefully add some extra pounds!)

Taking my post-natal vitamins

Drinking "real" homemade herbal tea 

Having a positive attitude and avoiding negative discussions

Picking my "battles"...if any!
(won't waste time on futile things)

What do you do to "center" yourself?

* * * * * 

note: Alice has her own "Montessori inspired" mirror in her bedroom (don't worry it is very baby friendly) and, as you can see, she really enjoys it!

note: Alice is full of scratches. She is climbing on sofas, walking faster and faster and getting more active everyday...awesome but slightly "dangerous". 

* * * * * 

ali: A dirty kid is a happy kid. 

vanessa at lynn david: Alice loves the swing. You should totally go! 

paula kiliclar: Don't tell me that ;) 

red boots: The doll is from Ella at Little Red Caboose. However, I don't think that she makes them anymore. 

núria: OMG, thank you! This is AWESOME. I will order it asap. 

sarahgreen: Thank you so much.


Lin said...

Many good ideas there Claudia! I've taken up running in the past 6 months as my 'me' time. It's something I really look forward to. Also, i love my sewing class I go to.

Daniela said...

Paul Auster, always, Paul Auster! I also recently enjoyed Cloud Atlas from David Mitchell.
Date night? That usually helps as well. Or going to a movie on your own, to an early show. Audiobooks also are great when I walk with baby and dog. Knit (something for YOURSELF)!!! Enjoy! :)

Tibi said...

As for the book I strongly recommend you 1Q84 from Haruki Murakami or any other book from this author. He is a genius!

Good luck!


gillian said...


I think this is a wonderful list of "re-centering" goals and I applaud your choices. I don't believe it is any coincidence that I see so many things I too would like to focus on on your list; I just do not know where to begin some days!
As for centering myself:
I'm trying to take in more water each day (I find I have more energy when I'm well hydrated); take at least one 30 minute nap a day (this is very difficult as I have trouble "switching off" my brain; knitting more; sewing more (I have a pile of "to do" projects for Mia and myself); getting outside and working my vegetable garden; reading more novels (I used to read a new book every 2 weeks); taking a few minutes each day to truly appreciate this time of my life. I find I get caught up very easily in the whirlwind of things I feel I need to do and it takes over and makes me a nervous wreck (and not a very pleasant person to be around ); writing on my poor, neglected blog (1 post a week should be do-able).

Good luck with your list! I look forward to reading about your progress!