Sunday 29 April 2012

Alice and I are going screen free!

See you after screen-free week (however, I gave myself a little 10 minutes each day)!
Have a lovely week.
Claudia and Alice


gillian said...
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gillian said...

I'd be participating this week too if I didn't have to finish filling out my taxes online tomorrow :(
I'm hoping to start my (and Mia's) "screen-free" week a couple days late.

Enjoy your time away Claudia + Alice!

oscarlucinda said...

Looks like you are having a lovely long break x

(just wanted to let you know that when/if you pop back, I'll look forward to your lovely little insights)

Pauper said...

Claudia--not sure if you will have heard of this already or not:

You take such lovely photos, thought you might be interested in taking part!