Friday 27 July 2012


Today, I received an extremely harsh and very long comment (anonymous obviously) concerning my last post.

At first, I wanted to erase it but I think that somebody who spent so much time writing such a comment (It was actually very nicely written and I always applaud people who apply themselves when writing...seriously!) should get their very own answer.   

First of all, I'm sincerely sorry if I upset you (or any other reader) in any way. This was truly not my intention. Therefore, I believe that I should clarify some elements that you mentioned in your comment.

Its great for you to comment that you made yourself the black sheep but you didn`t. You, unlike the most of us, have a husband that is willing to bend to anything, and earns enough for you to permit yourself to stay at home.

I referred to myself as a black sheep because, in Quebec, statistics show that the great majority of women go back to work at the end of their maternity leave. If you knew my husband (maybe you do?), you would know that he is definitely not willing to bend to anything. Seriously, I have asked him to come to yoga class with me for the past 8 years and his answer is always "no!". However, you are right concerning his income. I shall forever be thankful that his salary allows me to stay at home with our daughter.
I recall at one point you put so much emphasis on the getting the right stroller, bed, high chair, anything vintage, etc., and now you come back saying that it makes you laugh how other parents are doing so. Good! laugh at yourself a little, for at least one of your viewers notices the crap you try to feed us.

You are also correct. I did put a lot of emphasis (and I still do because I love to find products that are a perfect fit for my needs) on getting the right "object". On that subject, if you got pissed off by my example (umbrella stroller), you should know that I was referring to myself who actually made a Excel sheet with different types of umbrella strollers. By the way, you are more than welcome to give me any advice on umbrella strollers since it would be very practical on our trip to Brooklyn in October. Oh, I was also referring to myself concerning the fact that I had (have) no clue on what to do with a toddler...and laugh at myself for not making more Excel sheets on activities to do with a toddler.    

Don't you see how you push away people and how hypocritical you are being?

Um, this is bizarre! My statistics (via stat counter) are always pretty much the same. Feel free to clarify that part via email because washing your dirty laundry in public is not my cup of tea and is highly disrespectful for the few readers who actually enjoy my blog!

I believe that, as of late, you seem to be so filled with a lack of self esteem that you write this blog to feel good about yourself and put yourself above others. 

Of course, as of late, I seem filled with a lack of self esteem. I'm dealing with an hormonal imbalance attributed to a phenomenon humorously called a Booby Blues, a form of post-partum depression. Thankfully, I have a great doctor, an amazing husband, a caring family and some loyal friends who help me realize, on a daily basis, that I'm actually a good mom.

Finally, I hope that you will simply erase auxpetitsoiseaux from your list of "favorite" blogs and move on with your life. I would also appreciate the few people who are actually reading my blog to respect that Anonymous comment.

Have a lovely weekend.




Di said...

Well said Claudia!

Kim said...

I, for one, have enjoyed your honesty in reporting your feelings and your story. And as a fellow new mother, I love your ideas for games and activities. I look forward to reading your posts every week!

Since I've previously been an anonymous reader, I wanted you to know that you are appreciated!


Taryn said...

I don't think there's anything to be sorry for. But it was good of you to address it.

Would you be willing to share some of your favourite Montessori/Waldorf blogs?

Rebecca said...

I'm definitely sitting on the other side of the fence- i'm a crazy newish mama too & love reading your perspective. It makes me feel like someone else is going through the same things in the same way!

Rebecca said...

I'm pregnant and have been enjoying your blog for some time. I appreciate your candor and sense of humor. I think it's great you are sharing your journey here! :o)

shine little light* said...

ummm Im not even a mum or pregnant and I like reading your blog. You are sweet honest and open. I like you :) Plus your kid is super cute as are you! *s*

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!!

Rachael said...

Oh man. They found you. The crazies. My blog is not yet as popular, but if you find other blogging friends of your same reach, you will hear the same story again and again. Crazy mean people. Please pretend you never read that! (though I liked reading your defense) But seriously I always check in when you have a new post and enjoy every one of them.

liz rose said...

Yikes! For realz? excuse you for being sometimes fickle, somewhat hypocritical, in other words: HUMAN.

"you write this blog to feel good about yourself..."

-um yeah because most people write blogs about how much they hate themselves??

whateves, rock on, Claudia

Renae @ theredwren said...

Wow. I love your blog and your honesty and often feel bad that I don't have the time I used to, to leave more comments!

It makes me sad that people need to be annoymous to leave comments like that.

Sophie said...

Y'en a qui ont du temps à perdre...Je suppose une envieuse, une jalouse qui aimerait être à ta place ! Ce que j'affectionne particulièrement dans ton blog, c'est ta candeur, ton honnêteté. J'ai l'impression que tu n'essaies pas de te cacher derrière une image parfaite, je suppose qu'il y en a qui n'aime pas ça ;-) Puisque je n'ai pas de blog, mon commentaire sera malheureusement "semi" anonyme. Sophie de St-Eustache <3

Gimbo said...

I love reading your blog Claudia, you always have something fresh to say and always with honesty and a pinch of self-awareness that many other blogs regarding the upbringing children lack.

The difficulty with the written word is that you can't control the tone in which people will read it, you never sound sneering in my head - I think it says more about the anonymous poster than you.

Keep up your lovely blog, it makes me (and my toddler) very happy.

Ali said...

Oh my goodness - you got yourself a Troll! Now you really know your blog has hit the big time :)

Hope you don't let it get to you - blog on, Claudia!

Vivian Doan said...

It is obvious that the person who wrote that comment is not well... why read someone else's blog and then criticize? The whole point is that we're sharing our own story... and yours is wonderful and wonderfully honest.

It was courageous of you to actually address it in the way that you did, you should give yourself a huge pat on the back. I love your blog and your opinions, whether I share them or not.

That being said, I did a photography session at a Montessori school so if ever you are looking for examples of the learning elements, let me know. I would be happy to share them with you.


Bess Callard said...

Haters gonna hate, but we LOVE your blog :)

xoxo Bess & Eddie

Sandra said...

Wow! Some people huh?
Well I love your blog and you have been so helpful with all of your info.
Thank you!!

tassy said...

Wow, how crazy are some people! I can't see the truth in anything the computer says! Your blog is lovely - real, amusing and touching. Keep up the good work and ignore people who feel the need to attack those around them. T

luke and pamela said...

this is so crazy! i'm so glad you didn't just let it go. your blog is wonderful! i love reading, as i have since before little alice was born!

emily -- a denver home companion said...

yikes. silly people.

to echo other above: i love your candor and honesty as well as your beautiful photography and good sense of style and design. and your little one is pretty cute too!

keep on keeping on!

emily -- a denver home companion said...

p.s. i'm extremely glad you posted that response bc i have considered recently how i would handle a mean comment and, i think, it would be just the way you did it. if not a blog post, at least a comment in the comment thread. cheers to you.

lgd said...


Keep your chin up and keep moving forward. You seem like a lovely person and wonderful mama. I adore your posts, an think your honesty is commendable.

Hoola Tallulah said...

I have just revisited your blog after a long hiatus and sorry to see this, some people can be very mean :(
Sorry you are a little blue, keep your chin up, it too will pass, along with the trolls who are undoubtedly so sad about their own lives they feel the need to be rude to others - on that note, what a little bundle of contradictions your troll is! Keep going and don't stop blogging, you're brilliant at it <3

Anna said...

hi Claudia,
I rarely post but just wanted to let you know how appreciated your blog posts are. I have very much enjoyed reading your posts, and seeing your evolution as mother - I find that I am constantly taking mental notes of the sort 'i must remember that.. for when it is my turn'.