Sunday 14 April 2013

Alice, you are so funny :)

Dear Alice,

Following a Montessori guide book (and because you LOVE it), we decided to always let you walk during our daily activities.

For the past 2 weeks, we only used the Ergo carrier a handful of time: when it is raining buckets, to visit our accountant across town and to go to daycare in the morning because I'm wwaaayyyy too slow...each extra minute in bed (with you sleeping "on my head") is a blessing!

Here are a few of your walking activities:
pointing at every dog poop in the neighborhood while screaming in disgust "caca"
collecting small rocks in your winter coat pockets
running behind dogs
analyzing the cats' every moves in the alley
holding my hand while we are singing
talking to pretty much everybody who makes eye contact with you
waving goodbye to the bus driver  

and when you are tired, you gently ask to sit in the Ergo carrier. 

Next week, I will put our fancy stroller on sale and only keep our super cheap umbrella stroller for "special" occasions or when I'm not in the mood to talk about dog shit for 30 minutes!

maman xoxo


Christine said...

Oooh... Super fancy stroller for sale? Would you recommend it? I am 5 months along and I would be maybe interested in buying it!

sara said...

ahah, j'aurais pu décrire August avec les mêmes mots, surtout pour la balade!!!
Je suis très, très jalouse de ton manuel Montessori! Est-ce que c'est bien? Il faudrait qu'on en parle!
Peut être se faire une balade avec nos charmants bambins... August a vraiment trop de mal à rester assis dans un café.

Unknown said...

That is too funny! But it's good you are walking with her. We have that ergo carrier too- and it is pretty awesome =)