Sunday 7 April 2013

Suddenly, you are two year old

Dear Alice,

Last week was your second birthday anniversary!

I honestly had a very difficult time finding the right words to express how blessed I am to have you in our life. Motherhood is so much more than I ever expected and the love that I have for you is so profound that sometimes it scares me.

I thought about it and there is only one thing that I would truly like to share with you on this special occasion. Over the past two years, as a family, we always managed to stay true to ourselves. We followed our hearts and never let other people define us. This was not always simple. It was actually pretty rough by moments but I know that sticking to our values made us stronger and, in the end, happier.

Thank you Alice for pushing me to become the mother I always wanted to be!

Je t'aime et t'embrasse fort fort fort.

* * * * *

I can't believe we had 18 people in our small home for Alice's birthday party...and look at the awesome cupcakes that my mom made for our special guests (they are cooked directly in the clay pots!).  


A Loopy Life said...

Wow, time really flies! happy 2nd birthday, Alice! And I love the print in her room -- who makes it?

Bess Callard said...

Beautifully said :) xo