Saturday 6 July 2013

a toddler in Montreal @ toddler and mama yoga class

I admit I had my doubts about the success of our latest activity: toddler (18 months - 4 years old) and parents yoga class.  And I was wrong! 

It is the most adorable thing ever! The kids are having a good time, the teacher is very realistic (must I repeat toddlers + yoga) and the parents are, most of the time, pretty zen.

And imagine 10-15 toddlers saying "namaste" at the end of the 30 minutes long class.

Yes, toddlers can really surprise us!


Liz Rose Bowman said...

Precious. Yeah, I really think people tend to be awfully pedantic to small children, they understand way more than people give them credit for.

Vivian Doan said...

Is this a drop in class or do you have to sign up? Lucas would be so funny doing yoga, although he would probably not listen to anything and do what he wanted to do.