Tuesday 30 July 2013

It is magic!

Well,  that was an easy one!

I "often" read blog posts about long and arduous quests to find the (almost) perfect natural deodorant. I wrote (almost) perfect because the only disadvantage to this deodorant is the price (15$ + shipping)!

Brooklyn based Soapwalla created a deodorant cream that is free from harmful chemicals, petroleum and aluminum compounds. It is also vegan and obviously not tested on animals. 

There is not much to write except that it is awesome (but keep in mind that it is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant). And strangely enough, I like the idea of a manual application!

note: If you ever get that product, remember the warning (that I totally forgot when we were on vacations) about freshly shaved armpits because it was pretty painful!  

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